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action RPG on Android - Shadow Fight 2 for Android 1.9.13

Shadow Fight 2 for Android, Shadow Fight 2 is the perfect combination of genre RPG and fighting, bringing players to enter a world full of conflict between good - evil. No one else, the players must incarnate man ninja, receive peace mission regain, defeating evil and, more importantly, is putting himself stepped out of the shadows.

Game Fashion on Android - Chi Pu for Android 3.5

Chi Pu for Android, Chi Pu simulation game for Android is the life of celebrities in showbiz. Join the game you will be involved in procurement of costumes, photographs, film ... Every mission in the game are accompanied by specific guidelines, the level of difficulty increases with the level of the players.

Game chess intriguing billionaire on Android - MONOPOLY for Android

MONOPOLY for Android, MONOPOLY is a game orthodox chess billionaire was developed by Electronics Art cult game. Called mainstream because this game possesses all the features similar origin billionaire chess game of Hasbro. Currently, the MONOPOLY promotion are enormous: 2,100 VND just as you've probably vu experience this classic game on the weekend.