Reset iPhone SwitchSpring super smart way

Reset iPhone SwitchSpring super smart way without pressing the power key 

You want to tweak the system for its iOS devices, want to renew it or do the work quickly, at more stages but not know how. So let us close the active application with SwitchSpring fastest way to reset the iPhone  unique offline.

1, Effect of SwitchSpring on iPhone?

- The main advantage is that it allows the user SwitchSpring trigger a spring "small tweaks" right on the multitasking bar with 2 options: reboot and turn off all the app is multitasking.

- Tweak It works smoothly with iOS and very convenient for users without having to perform troublesome operations as before.

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2, Installation Guide for iPhone jailbreak SwitchSpring

- First your iOS devices jailbreak, Cydia accessible on the main screen. Once the screen loaded you click Sources> Edit> Add and add source and wait.

- Next, the Source you just added and click the search machine tweak SwitchSpring.

Reset iPhone SwitchSpring super smart way

Add Cydia source for free download

- You can search by the first letter of the tweak, or if too much, then you can access to its group for the utility.

- Then you click Settings> Confirm and wait for the device to download the tweak.

Reset iPhone SwitchSpring super smart way

Click Install to download the application to your computer

- Then click the Restart SpringBoard letters to manually restart the machine is.

Reset iPhone SwitchSpring super smart way

Restart SpringBoard to apply the change machine

3, Usage SwitchSpring on iPhone

- After the installation is successful, ie your device can be used to close the active application and then. Since then the system has default settings for you.

- You perform as always, double-click the Home button 2 times to start the multitasking screen. Note you can access the multitasking even when you're in an application or the home screen.

- Then you take a drag from the on-screen hand down to open the control panel is set when installing this tweak.

Reset iPhone SwitchSpring super smart way

Open to use multitasking tweak SwitchSpring

- The panel will have two features that are Restart and Quit Apps. If you want to play fast app then perform choose Quit or Restart Apps to reboot. Choose Cancel to cancel the option.

Above are some of the information necessary for you to install and use SwitchSpring. Wish you successful.