ToneEnabler solutions set a ringtone without iTunes

Set ringtone without iTunes for iOS with ToneEnabler

IOS devices can not set a ringtone at will by the user. But you do not need to worry, by just your iOS jailbreak it can be installed quickly to tweak ringtones ToneEnabler. Together we set a ringtone for iOS with ToneEnabler set a ringtone without iTunes  with this article offline.

==> If you can not jailbreak:

+ See h on guidance to set the ringtones for the iPhone  without jailbreaking

+ See jailbreak iPhone guide

1, The also of ToneEnabler

- With ToneEnabler will allow your iOS device install ringtones as you want.

- When installing ToneEnabler for iOS when you download ringtones to your computer it will not be stored in .plist music as before, instead of the ringtone file will be stored in position Ringtones (ringtones) for you to put as ringtones.

- The benefits of jailbreaking iOS is something that everyone recognizes the playback. With tweak released to set the ringtone you will no longer have to hear but the sound is familiar and boring default settings on the device as before. Enjoy express their individuality with ringtones impressive and interesting.

- Supported ToneEnabler Cydia installed on your device just made the jailbreak.

2, How to install ToneEnabler

- Similar to tweak released support for other iOS devices, ToneEnabler also be installed via Cydia just you perform jailbreak only.

- Do you access the Cydia main menu to perform a free download source add to the machine.

ToneEnabler solutions set a ringtone without iTunes

Add your FREE download source

- By selecting Sources> Edit> Add. Then enter the address

- In both add resources you perform searches ToneEnabler tweak.

ToneEnabler solutions set a ringtone without iTunes

Select Settings and Validation to download to your computer tweak ToneEnabler

Select Install and load tweak the device.

3, manuals ToneEnabler

- Once you have taken the computer Respring there are 2 ways to install the ringtones you wish.

- Option 1: Go to the source as ringtone support:, bigboss here will have the ringtone is arranged in alphabetical order.

- Then you click on your favorite ringtone> click Install (Install) to download them.

- Option 2: You can search in Search ringtones ringtones type the keyword you want to download. Then you click Install to download ringtones as way that the machine on.

- After you finish downloading ringtones return home screen, access Settings> Sounds (Audio)> Ringtones (Ringtones).

ToneEnabler solutions set a ringtone without iTunes

Go to Settings> Sounds and select a ringtone

- In the ringtone of your search your new ringtone download by name letters.

- Then click on the band and then click Sounds bells so as complete.

 Hope you will search and download settings for your iOS device of their favorite ringtones nhé