Windows Phone

Games magic hat - Magic hat for Windows Phone

Magic hat for Windows Phone, Wheel of Fortune - Turnover lucky, was broadcast on US television in June 2001. As of Vietnam called magic hat, a popular game of VTV3, with the presence of so many years and many different versions, but the heat of this game are never dropped.

classic Japanese Game Pikachu - Pikachu for Windows Phone

Pikachu for Windows Phone, the classic Japanese Game Pikachu with funny pictures, funny now available on Windows Phone. Dubbed the hottest games for office workers and children, Pikachu mobile version we developed for extremely simple gameplay, intriguing skill effects, sound design details for each Pokemon .

Vietnam Folk games - Voting tiger fish crab for Windows Phone

Voting for Windows Phone tiger crab fishing, crab fishing Election tiger is Vietnam traditional games have existed for so long, we developed it on the mobile application of Windows Phone, hopes to bring to you the second most comfortable relaxation. The game features simple gameplay, beautiful images and eye-catching design, dynamic sound.

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