Answers IQ v.23 game across the river, carrying snakes, tigers, wolves, sheep, bunch grass, cheese across the river

game across the river .

Coming to the 23 games across the river , we felt much more difficult question earlier this verse 23, however, if no notice your focus and also hard to find the answer in this question, let's look backward the Light:


Suggestions answers:

We put the waterfront from right to left in order of A, B, C.

Step 1 : Loading snake and tiger on a boat, on the shore solid B Step 2 : give them back to shore A Step 3 : Carrying tigers and wolves from A to C Step 4 : Carrying cheese on A Step 5 : Carrying two sheep from A to C Step 6 : C of A for them from Step 7 : Carrying cheese and tiger from A to C Step 8 : Sang B became solid and whisk to C. The tiger let you shared with sheep because sheep will this time eat cheese and tigers do not eat lamb (each turn only 1 child is eating).

Thus answer question 23 was revealed, the brain damage is quite right not to you, please wait for the next question out of the River iq, Lever 24 you can not on their own be able to access the Taimienphi. VN to have answers soon and many answers across the river game DIFFERENT.