Change Language Vietnamese - English on Windows 10 Mobile

Windows 10 Mobile version closely resembles insider will preview Windows 10 Mobile coming out, many users have updated to version 10512 to build experience, a completely new interface that we crestfallen, learn how to change language Vietnamese language - English on Windows 10 Mobile follow the instructions below offline.

Change Language Vietnamese - English on Windows 10 Mobile

Step 1 : You access the Settings (Settings)


Step 2 : Next, select on Time & Languages ​​(Time & Language)


Step 3 : Click on on Language (Language)


Step 4 : If no language you are using, then click the Add language (Add Language)


Step 5 : Choose the language from the list and then click the vestiges V.


Step 6 : Restart the phone (Restart Phone)


If available language you need, then hold the arm in the same language and choose Move up and reboot the machine is being



As and through 6 steps above guidelines we have helped you use Windows 10 Mobile Change Language Vietnamese - English, please take this approach to optimize the use of your phone. For iPhone users 6 please see the article on the iPhone 6 Change language