Close eyes and unforgettable things

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There are some things that you "forget" to do that will make myopia worse.

Nearsightedness is an eye defect related to refraction. The reason is that the cornea makes the image unable to focus at the correct retinal position, but rather in front of the retina. Myopia, if not detected and treated or corrected in time, can greatly affect study results, work, labor productivity, ...

Get regular eye exams

Close eyes and unforgettable things
Don't forget to have your eyes checked periodically for better eye protection

There are many people who forget to have regular eye exams because of their busy work. Or there are many cases where the eye exam is still clear and shows no sign of leveling so the eye exams should be skipped. This is absolutely not recommended, because when you have a routine eye exam, you will get results as well as any noticeable eye problems. In fact, when your eyes increase, it will be difficult to recognize, if you still think that your eyes can see clearly, you are wrong, our eyes are always adjusting to be able to see things clearly, especially when the eyes are near-sighted. regulation seems to be difficult or seldom sensible. So instead of self-assessing your vision of your eyes, go to the hospital and get your eyes checked, maybe your glasses will have problems too and it would be regrettable if you didn't find out earlier. .

Supplement foods that are beneficial to the eyes

Close eyes and unforgettable things
Add foods to help brighten eyes

For healthier eyes, don't forget to include foods that are good for your eyes. One of the top essential vitamins is vitamin A, to supplement this vitamin you only need to use foods such as spinach, spinach, tomatoes, papaya, mango, ... Vitamin A, Vitami B1, B2 are also essential for those who want healthy eyes or people with eye disabilities. To supplement vitamins B1 and B2, you should use lean meat, offal of beef, chicken, duck, milk, eggs, ... In addition, you should also balance your diet so that your body can absorb Full of nutrients. Staying away from alcohol, beer, and processed foods is also a way to protect your eyes.

Eye massage

Close eyes and unforgettable things
Eye massage helps in eliminating fatigue after work

When you work too long or focus on the computer screen too much, you may find your eyes tired and annoyed with this feeling. If you don't have much time, you can close your eyes for 30 seconds and relax. However, the way to make your eyes feel more comfortable is to take off your glasses, and do simple massages like rub your palms to warm up, gently swipe from the tip of the eye to the tail, or use your fingers Massage pointing eye circle clockwise and reversing direction. Just a few small movements your eyes will relax and increase vision as well as help reduce the pressure of the eyes due to regular glasses.

Exercise your eyes

Close eyes and unforgettable things
Closing your eyes and rotating clockwise helps your eyes practice better

It may sound strange to exercise your eyes, but it really helps your eyes train and get much stronger. A few simple exercises you can do like close your eyes for 4-5 seconds, then keep your eyes open for 4-5 seconds and repeat for 3 to 5 minutes. Another way is to close your eyes and roll the irises clockwise and do the opposite. Eye exercises do not take much effort and do not take much time, so do not forget the small movements to make your eyes healthier.

Adjust work time

Close eyes and unforgettable things
Change your schedule to give your eyes time to rest

There are many reasons to spend hours in front of your computer screen, such as busy work, attending online classes, or simply practicing a good movie. Change that habit right away, instead of sitting for hours in front of a computer or spending hours reading a book, go out, breathe fresh air and relax your eyes. You should also give up the habit of watching movies or working without lights every night, which will greatly affect your eyes, especially when your eyes are nearsighted. Instead of staying up all night to complete a task, you should also give your eyes a "rest" by going to bed on time and getting into the habit of getting enough sleep, as just like any part of the eye body. also need to rest.

Having healthy eyes is difficult, close eye care is even more difficult, right? What tips do you have to take care of your eyes? Share it with WebTech360 below!

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