Copy music to iPhone without iTunes CopyTrans Manager with

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Usually to copy music to your iPhone or iOS devices, users often perform for iphone using iTunes to copy music . However the use of iTunes somewhat difficult for everyone because many advanced features and if not using the familiar user may lose the entire music while data synchronization .

So that an additional option for you now to remedy that is software CopyTrans Manager - supports users copy music to iPhone without using iTunes. However, if you still want to use iTunes, you can download iTunes to use the latest version

How to copy music to iPhone without iTunes with CopyTrans Manager

Download the latest version: CopyTrans Manager

Can summarize the functions of the program are as follows:

Copy music to iPhone without iTunes CopyTrans Manager with

Add / remove a song from the library

You can use CopyTrans Manager to put the song in the library. Simply select "Updates button" and find the path to music included., Users can put together multiple tracks. Additionally, you can also right-click the playlist section, select Add. Want to hear it, you click on the icon to listen to the broadcasting program. What you want to delete from the library, you select and then right-click bamhoac, choose Delete from the iPod.

Copy music to iPhone without iTunes CopyTrans Manager with

Managing playlists
You can use CopyTrans Manager to create a new playlist, playlist management area you click on the icon to add playlist (the +) or right-click, choose Add playlist before the playlist name. When you need to change your name, you right-click the playlist and choose Rename playlist

Copy music to iPhone without iTunes CopyTrans Manager with

To delete a playlist go you choose playlist and press Delete . In case you want to delete the entire playlist contains songs from memory where you click, select Delete playlists and tracks from iPod (or Shift + Delete) . The most important is to put the song from library at, in the frame Playlists you click on the name to all songs iPod shows up then use your mouse to select, drag and drop songs to the playlist name intended. To choose to fast, you can find the song tracks in the search box on the toolbar.

Always wanted to kind of song from your playlist right-click it, select Remove from playlist

Library management information according to the album

list in iPhone's music you can go up to thousands of threads. This time the album information will act as a filter to help you can sort by genres are more scientific. To supplement you click the song, choose Edit , then enter the information into the stream Title, Artist and Album . You can also set up representative image by clicking Change artwork

In the album information, you can simply select by artist name, album is immediately impressive search results.

Copying music, photos or video to iPhone using CopyTrans Manager tape copy iphone without itunes music to help the user to use the convenient features and very much easier. Compared to iTunes CopyTrans Manager is a bonus to making users love the software is easy to use with just a few drag and drop the music synchronization easier without risk of losing the music already in the machine.