Corrected loss on iPhone app

If you encounter errors on the iPhone app takes you also do not worry, you'll make it reappear on the screen in a simple way even after watching this tutorial only. Maybe you unconsciously using limited or accidentally take children or friends activate this feature. Also you read more articles please  fix loss on iPhone 5S wave

Corrected loss on iPhone app

Step 1 : The loss Safari app on your screen, you click Settings (Settings)


Step 2 : You select the next to General settings (Gerenal)


Step 3 : Scroll down and look select Limit (Restrictions)


Step 4 : Can the machine will require limited password, enter your 4-digit password on.


Step 5 : Find the application is lost if it were opened up or not, here I found Safari is disabled, open it up.


Step 6 : In addition to the screen has appeared Safari.


So over here we guide you how to fix takes applications on the iPhone, this is the problem accidentally passengers using limited features that do not know, a pretty simple fix. Readers see more articles about how to fix lost Cydia icon on iPhone