Create virtual drives on your computer with UltraISO

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ISO format is a compressed file format familiar when you download large files from disk on the network as software, game, movie ... this compression format has many advantages than conventional compression to Zip, RAR ... To use this iso file ways also had some tips article with the format, but ordinary users to choose how to read them from the virtual drive software just to be able to use both facilities in storing, sharing again later. Article will guide you how to create virtual drives UltraISO software and use this virtual drive to read and use iso file or a disc image file of your specific. You follow the steps below.

Guide created virtual drive with UltraISO

Step 1 : Download and install the software UltraISO computer.

You can download the latest version of UltraISO here:Downloads UltraISO

This application is relatively simple to install, you just press Next a few times under the guidance of the program is to be

- After installing the software UltraISO on the computer, go to Computer will see another new CD Drive. If you have a closer look will recognize differences in symbols between CD / DVD drive real and virtual drives. So you have to create virtual disks for computers successfully.

Create virtual drives on your computer with UltraISO

Step 2 : To use the virtual drive to read the iso file of the software, games, movies ... you start the program UltraISO by Double Click on the icon outside the desktop Desktop, then click and menus Tools , select Mount to Virtual Drive ... or press F6

Create virtual drives on your computer with UltraISO

Step 3 : Click the red spot zoning as on illustrations

Step 4 : Here you seek to loosen up and select the .iso file is to use and then click Open. In the example is 15.2 Hiren's disk.

Create virtual drives on your computer with UltraISO

Step 5 : Finally you click Mount

After pressing Mount, some machines will feel slightly trimmer 1 2 seconds. Then you press Close .

Step 6 : Return check you on Computer Drive will see new CD contains Hiren Boot disc. Now that you have successfully Mount virtual disks.

Create virtual drives on your computer with UltraISO

From there you can use the virtual drive like normal CD drive attached on the computer. Click to select and manipulate the files inside it.

In the framework of our article was to guide you how to create virtual drives and virtual drives by using the software UltraISO. The software interface is intuitive and relatively easy to use even for the first time working with this format. If you have higher demands you can refer to the virtual drive software professional and stronger as PowerISO , Daemon Tools, Alcohol 120% ... or refer to the top 5 software to create the best virtual drive available in to create multiple virtual drives on your computer.