CyberLink YouCam - How to record video with sound

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As with many software support video screens other, CyberLink YouCam user support by webcam video recording medium can record sound directly transmitted from the computer or other device to your device through the Microphone connector. Thanks to this gadget, you can easily self-recorded a song together with his picture to send to the audition program music, or create video lectures, together with sound without annotation much as before ... depending on your intended use.

CyberLink YouCam Using help you record video screen accompanied by a lot of unique effect makes your video becomes more vivid. And now there are a lot of software has the same functionality as WebcamMax with CyberLink YouCam, Magic Camera ... much better choice for you

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Guide with Audio Video Recording CyberLink YouCam together

Step 1 : Open the CyberLink YouCam program. If not, you CyberLink YouCam Download

After installing CyberLink YouCam on the computer, open the utility directly by clicking on the icon of the preset external utilities Desktop.


CyberLink YouCam - How to record video with sound

Step 2 : Check the Microphone connected devices have worked well or not?

This is an important step to be able to record audio during video recording, because if the device is connected Microphone is not working well, then the installation of CyberLink YouCam is meaningless. Step 3 : Click on the icon Setting of program



Step 4: The display settings dialog box, select the icon Camera -> Capture with audio to the recording medium Video turning. Click OK to complete the setting.

CyberLink YouCam - How to record video with sound

This is one of the most basic tricks that is very much loved CyberLink YouCam known, but if you're new to using this software and was not familiar with the features that manufacturers provide, this article write on here of very necessary for you.