Data Recovery Zalo on iPhone quickly and safely

Skype or Viber offers more features to support users to recover deleted messages. However, with Zalo is completely different. Only with a few flaws, you've probably lost all the data that is no way to regain it. However, you can still apply the data recovery Zalo on iPhone 6 , 5s, 5, 4s quickly and safely below, make sure you will be surprised with what you get.

During use Zalo, if you want to change the name, instructions on Zalo rename account will help you get the desired result. Materials to store and recover data, why?

Data Recovery Zalo on iPhone 6 , 5s, 5, 4s, fast and safe

1. How to restore data via computer Zalo

Step 1 : First, you need to do is to perform application installation Zalo on both your phone and computer. Then, open the app on both devices.

Step 2: You take any manipulation device scan the QR code on the computer and log on. Once there, you will see the message " I agree to save the most recent message on the server when logging Zalo on PC ".

Step 3 : Before logging out Zalo on your computer, you click on the icon 3 dashes as shown below.

Step 4: Then, click Next to Logout.

Step 5 : Finally, please uncheck the "Delete chat history when logging out".

Thus, your data is safely stored on your computer. Therefore, each time losing the data on your device, you can open the computer version to view the message.

2. How to recover data on your phone Zalo

Currently, service customer care support Zalo restore messages to users. To do so, please write a message sent tt DELETE Zalo 8785. After about one day, you will receive a notification about restoring your data. Then you simply follow the instructions to obtain desired results.

These are the basic operations, you can recover data on the Zalo iPhone 6, 5s, 5, 4s quickly and safely. In the process of using this application, you may encounter a few hiccups and the most popular probably not receive notification error. Therefore, how to fix not received notice Zalo on iPhone will be useful option for you.