Edit photos directly on Facebook

Facebook really knows how to please users when it has recently added a series of extremely interesting features and struck the hearts of today's users. From allowing users to search for friends around here , make video calls on Facebook , to integrate 360-degree video viewing , post animation on the wall , or the latest revival On this day to  help users get back to the past right back in the present day.

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Recently, the world's largest social network has continued to upgrade its photo editing feature directly on the interface of the application. For Facers, this feature may not be new, but with the upgrades and changes this time, users will not be surprised by its novelty.

How to edit photos directly on the Facebook application

This feature is only available on Facebook applications of iOS and Android phones.

Step 1: Access your Facebook account on your phone, click on the Status item and select the Camera icon to get photos, perform operations to post an image as usual.

Status Camera icon

Step 2: Select the photos to post , then click Done in the upper right corner of the interface. Continue to click on the Edit in the lower left corner of the image to be posted to edit.

Done Edit

Step 3: Choose different photo styles to suit your preferences. 

Edit interface Choose a photo style

Step 4:  Use the tools listed below to make your photo as perfect as possible:

  • Filters: Image style.
  • Tag: Tag to add people to photos.
  • Crop: Crop the image.
  • Text: Write text on the image.
  • Stickers: Stickers showing funny emotions.

For each operation after done, select Done to finish.

Cropping photo Select insert text

Can crop or insert text into photos 

Step 5:  When writing text on the image, the right side will appear a long color. Touching any color on that strip can change the color of the text you just wrote. 

Text Change the font color

Step 6:  You can use your hand to move, zoom in, zoom out, change the size and posture of arbitrary writing. 

Change text position Resize photos

Can do a lot of operations with text inserted into the image

Step 7:  If not satisfied, you can touch the word, then hold + drag down (move the text to the trash icon) to delete

Delete the word  

Drag the text to the trash to delete it

Step 8:  If you want the picture more vivid and interesting, you can select the Stickers tab, then use any emotion you want for your photo. 

Insert sticker Post

Insert a sticker into the image, select Finish then Post to post the image

So with just a few simple steps, we have a satisfactory picture to post to Facebook to show off to our friends. However, if the requirements are higher, more sophisticated, then you should use professional tools such as Camera360BeautyPlusPhoto Editor 360 Selfie Camera or PhotoWonder , Photoshop to create higher quality photos. 

I wish you successful implementation!