Enable / Disable IDM CC on Firefox, Google Chrome, Edge Chromium

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With IDM CC utility, surely many users still have not understood the meaning of it and how to use. To better understand IDM CC as well as uses, see articles below.

Enable / Disable IDM CC On Google Chrome

- After installing the IDM CC extension (also known as IDM Integration Module ) on Google Chrome browser, the extension was immediately added to the Add-ons section on Chrome. Click on the icon in the upper right of Chrome -> Tools -> Extensions to enter the browser extension manager.

- At that time IDM Integration Module has been installed and turned on for you to use.

- To turn off IDM Integration Module click on the tick next to the word Enable , it will immediately switch to off.

Above we have shown you how to enable / disable IDM CC utility on the program Firefox, Google Chrome.

Enable / Disable IDM CC For Firefox

- After installing the IDM CC utility on Firefox, restart the browser. Go to Tools -> Add-ons

- Go to Extensions , you see IDM CC has been installed into Firefox and is on for you to use.

- To turn off IDM CC click on Disable , to complete click on Restart now restart the browser. If you want to enable the utility to use click on Enable is.


Enable / Disable IDM CC For Edge Chromium

To Enable / Disable IDM cc on Edge Chromium can do the same as Google Chrome.

Other instructions:

By default, when installing new IDM on the computer, IDM cc will automatically be added to the computer and the browser will display a window to confirm adding or removing this addon. If you accidentally delete, idm may not automatically start the link and there is no IDM on the right-click menu when clicking on the browser.

However, you can easily add this add-on to chrome browser by the following way: Go to
the path of the

64-bit Win addon file

C:\Program Files (x86)\Internet Download Manager\IDMGCExt.crx

Win 32 bit

C:\Program Files\Internet Download Manager\IDMGCExt.crx

Then continue to open the chrome extension:


or you can click the menu icon -> Select Other Tools -> Extensions

Then drag IDMGCExt.crx to Google chrome as shown below


How to add IDM CC to Google chrome - Enable / Disable IDM download on chrome

A confirmation window will appear, select Add to add idm to the browser

How to add IDM CC to Google chrome - Enable / Disable IDM download on chrome

By default, this addon will be enabled, to disable it, simply uncheck the Enabled section

How to add IDM CC to Google chrome - Enable / Disable IDM download on chrome
Good luck!