Enable display network speed for Oppo

Feature display network speed for Oppo very interesting that you can know exactly what you're accessing the network with much speed, not just 3G but also Wifi, you will not need to test the network and be more active in using manual, alarm functions like battery percentage. For Android users you see more articles about how to  turn on TalkBack on Android

Enable display network speed for Oppo

Step 1 : You access the settings on the phone Oppo.


Step 2 : Click on the item Display.


Step 3 : Here you can see the features Show network speed , press to open it up.


Thus through this article we guide you how to enable display network speed to Oppo, a very convenient feature that not all phone carriers have been, or need to download application 3rd party application new functionality. If you can not use on the way to another phone company please apply tips  test network speed on Smartphones