Facebook Messenger 4 - Simplified version of Messenger

Facebook has just announced the release of Facebook Messenger 4 - a simpler, more attractive and interesting version than the old Messenger.

In a recent study, 7/10 (71%) of respondents expected simplicity to be a top priority in a messaging app. 62% of them said texting made them feel closer to friends. Acquiring all of the above comments, Facebook launched Messenger 4 with the belief that it will bring the closeness and authenticity as users expect with simple design and powerful features, focusing on chatting and connect.

Facebook Messenger 4 has a simple interface
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Simple: Easier to navigate

Instead of 9, the new Messenger will only have 3 tabs. The conversations, either 1vs1 or group, are displayed in the front and located in the center of the Chats tab. For those who like to share photos and videos, Messenger 4 will provide image communication features like Camera located at the top of the window so that users can take and share selfies easily.

When you touch the People tab of Messenger 4 , you can find friends, see their stories, see who is currently online. And the Discover tab is the place to connect businesses with the latest offers, instant gaming, book upcoming holidays, follow the news ...

Facebook Messenger 4 changes the chat bubble color

Powerful: A new way to personalize conversations

Facebook knows people like to use Messenger because it helps them express themselves with custom aliases, emojis, and conversation colors. That's why Messenger 4 offers a way to personalize conversations with a unique chat bubble background color selection feature. You can see the color change from red to blue as you scroll up and down. Bubble colors can change at any time to reflect the mood or conversation topic.

Dark background mode on Facebook Messenger 4

Familiar: What you love and like

As mentioned above, Messenger 4 is a simpler and easier to use messaging app so it still keeps all the features that help users connect the people they care about, from voting to voting, sharing invoices, sharing location to find friends at the festival, challenge friends in the game ...

In addition, Facebook also revealed that there will be many new features launched in Messenger 4 in the near future such as Dark Mode, changing the interface to reduce glare on the phone ...

Messenger 4 will update to global users this week.