Foods should be avoided in the refrigerator to store

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Refrigerator is considered the best food preservation tool used by families. However, not any food can be refrigerated. Let's join WebTech360 to learn which  foods should not be stored in the refrigerator  below to maximize efficiency when storing foods with the refrigerator.


Watermelon is one of the favorite fruits in the summer, so families often have a habit of keeping watermelon in the refrigerator. Watermelon and other melons contain many natural antioxidants that are good for health, can prevent cancer or many other problems. However, if you put these foods in the refrigerator, they can easily get waterlogged and lose their antioxidants. You can put the whole watermelon in the freezer, bring it out when you want to eat it, if the watermelon has been cut, it's best to keep it outside to avoid reducing the antioxidants in the fruit. this. The refrigerator is not the best place to store watermelon, affecting your own health.

Foods should be avoided in the refrigerator to store

Watermelon, if left in the refrigerator for too long, will lose its antioxidants and easily get waterlogged


Honey is a natural preservative, a natural food that contains quite high fructose and glucose, so if you store honey in the refrigerator, it will crystallize the sugar in honey, turning honey into shape. Like powder, it is very difficult to use. You only need to store honey in a normal environment to retain its effective quality and taste for many years.


Most families believe that vegetables and fruits when stored in the refrigerator will be fresh, delicious and will last longer. But this is not entirely true! When storing tomatoes in the refrigerator, low heat will affect the texture of the tomato, you will see many black spots, tender flesh and change the inherent flavor. Ideally, keep the tomatoes in a cool place and use them throughout the day.

Foods should be avoided in the refrigerator to store

Tomatoes are crushed and lose their inherent nutrients if stored in the refrigerator incorrectly


Like tomatoes, when you store onions in the refrigerator, they will soften or mold, rot because of the wet environment and lack of air circulation. If the onions are chopped, they will dry out even when wrapped tightly. In addition, onions have a very pungent odor, which can be spread in an enclosed environment such as a refrigerator, causing all other foods to become contaminated.


Garlic is a type of raw material that cannot withstand cold temperatures, so it will change rapidly and lose nutrients if placed in the refrigerator. In addition, because of its moisture, garlic easily sprouted, molded and softened. You won't notice it because the exterior is wrapped. Only when you cook it, do you notice this change.

Foods should be avoided in the refrigerator to store

Garlic is a food that cannot withstand heat, is cold, is susceptible to mold and softens.


Basil is a vegetable that does not tolerate cold temperatures, which will make them more susceptible to wilting and no longer retain the necessary freshness. In addition, they also have the property of absorbing surrounding odors, making them no longer typical scent as they originally were.


Keeping bananas in the refrigerator can make them soft. In addition to us, a lot of cold will slow down the ripening process of bananas and eat slightly spicy when ripe, so green bananas should be kept at room temperature. If the banana has just ripe, cover the stem with plastic wrap or tissue, which will keep the banana fresh for up to 2 weeks. Or hang bananas on a shelf, hook in a cool place, away from sunlight and heat from the kitchen, helping bananas keep their eye-catching golden ripe color throughout the week.


Many people choose to have firm, firm fruit that takes a while for the avocado to ripen and taste delicious. However, during this time, you should not store the butter in the refrigerator, as it will take longer to ripen and reduce its original flavor. If you buy cooked avocados that you don't want to use right away, you can still store them in the refrigerator!

In addition, to preserve food you should put fresh fruits in a separate compartment, vegetables in a separate compartment. Fruits should not be too close together in the refrigerator to prevent an early ripening of fruit from spreading to other fruits. Raw food cooked together in the refrigerator is also a bad idea when refrigerating food.

Foods should be avoided in the refrigerator to store

The grading will help preserve fruits, vegetables and fruits better

Currently, the Mitsubishi Electric refrigerator line , with the vegetable compartment is designed as a "vitamin factory" to help vegetables continue to photosynthesize during storage, increasing the amount of vitamin C, this is an option. Perfect for your family if you need to preserve food.

Proper food preservation helps to effectively preserve the nutritional value that these ingredients and foods bring to your family. Above are some sharing about  foods that should not be stored in the refrigerator  of WebTech360  hope to bring more useful information to you!

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