Get UC Browser download files on iPhone

gives us experience fast and smooth web surfing, reduce costs and increase the speed of data download site with strong compression and the ability to download files very well when used on the iPhone.

You are using an iPhone and are in need of downloading a file on the internet to read an important document or file certain applications on machines that are not equipped to use computers, please download the application free Uc Browser Free on your phone on the iPhone to be able to easily upload / download files on the Internet without having a little difficulty. - Users Download Uc Browser for iPhone here. Here taimienphi will instruct you how to download and retrieve files using Uc Browser on iPhone. Step 1 . Open up and go to Uc Browser File to load, after press Download a notification window appears to agree download fails, you click Ignore and Download

Step 2 . Wait File download is complete, to retrieve the file you click on Menu (1) > Download (2) , the Download folder opens you can see the newly File Download (here his first download the .zip file ), click on it to open


Step 3 . You can click on the down arrow to open directly in the File folder in Open with .


Step 4 . So we had to come up file folder path / var / mobile / Documents , you can use iFile to open applications.



Pretty simple is not it, to manipulate it as directed above all you can do the same for the image file, video, music, documents ... In order to get that file from letter Uc Browser store directory on your iPhone. Also you are using Android can read this article Get the file's download UC Browser on Android