Guide delete accounts Zalo

Zalo is free OTT applications are used the most in Vietnam at present, users with different ages, using similar applications Zalo can lead to lost time with it, affects work or study so you may want to delete accounts Zalo go with next to no use, please follow the steps below guide us to know how to remove offline.

Note: Once you've successfully removed the Zalo your account permanently deleted and no way to restore them

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Download the latest version Zalo your phone.

* Version Zalo for Android:  Download Zalo for Android

* Version Zalo for iPhone:  Download Zalo for iPhone

Guide delete accounts Zalo

Step 1 : Launch the application Zalo and log in using your account and then click on Menu 3 dashes on the top left of the screen.


Step 2 : You choose to enter account management .


Step 3 : Select to delete the account .


Step 4 : Click Remove account again to delete all the data Permanently


Step 5 : Enter the password in the upper section and enter grounds below and then click Delete Account


Step 6 : Confirm by clicking Yes


Step 7 : Page Zalo will send notices to you, please reply to this message by writing OK


So with the above steps you have to permanently delete your account Zalo, lock accounts after 48 hours, it will officially be permanently deleted, please consider carefully before doing this. Besides, users download more applications with similar functionality Zalo like  Viber for Android