Guide free calls on Zalo

OTT applications Zalo is completely free, users can text, call free unlimited premium just an internet connection. With Zalo you absolutely can use to call to chat with friends and family to save on telephone costs. However not everyone uses well known Zalo free calls on Zalo especially new users so please read tutorial free calls on Zalo:

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Download the latest version Zalo your phone.

* Version Zalo for Android:  Download Zalo for Android

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Guide free calls on Zalo

Step 1 : Launch the application Zalo up. In the phonebook of your friend contacts, choose who you want to call by Zalo


Step 2 : You click on the sign " + "on the bottom right screen


Step 3 : You select the icon to start the phone call.


Step 4 : The call start is done and if the other person is online will get your call immediately.


So over here we guide you how to make free phone calls on the Zalo, you can chat comfortably without worrying about cost in use. Please download the application and make a call to a friend with this app to save on telephone costs.  Besides, users download more applications with similar functionality Zalo like  Viber for Android