Guide to decompress files using ES File Explorer on Android

ES File Explorer is a very useful application, with features and data file management ES File Explorer Besides, there are extra features provided invaluable support for our work to manipulate files as working on computers, today we will teach you how to unzip by ES File Explorer.

Step 1 : Download  ES File Explorer for Android.

Step 2 : Launch the application up and find you need to unzip the archive, unzipping her here one .zip file.

Step 3 : Press to select and hold hands 1-2 seconds into the file to appear traces of blue.

Step 4 : Select Menu 3 dots picture and click Extract to.

Step 5 : Choose the path you need to save the unzipped files, or you can leave the default in the directory is working, and then click OK .

Step 6 : File decompression success.

Thus we guide you how to unzip the file using ES File Explorer app on Android is very quick, next to which the application is also very good file manager like  Root Explorer