Guide to find lost phone with Find My oppo Phone

oppo too, to prevent oppo your phone is lost, set up under the instructions below to find our phone oppo Find My Phone lost by.

For those phones with OS 2.0 is lower Color OPPO has integrated Find My Phone feature on the machine, but to Color 2.0, this feature has been removed as on oppo Neo 5, so we will use the Find My Phone functions Google offers, follow the instructions below our.

Guide to find lost phone with Find My oppo Phone.

Step 1 : First you need to enable the positioning location on oppo.


Step 2 : You access the settings .


Step 3 : Scroll down and select to the Accounts and sync .


Step 4 : If you do not have a Google account is added you click Add , if any step then moved to 7.


Step 5 : Press to select at Google.


Step 6 : Log in to your Google account.


Step 7 : You access here  to sign in with a Google account coincides with the new account you logged on to find the location oppo oppo your phone.


After you have identified the location of your oppo phone, you can let the machine rings, lockout or delete all data in case of need. So over here we were instructed to seek the lost phone with Find My oppo Phone. IPhone users see more articles find lost iPhone