Guide to getting Giftcode game Gun Love

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Gun Love is a latest coordinates shooter game released by Soh a game to everyone in recent times. With the theme of love and eye-catching animated graphics, this is the game that many young people love today.

On the occasion of launch, the Gun Love system has launched many events with Giftcode codes, so that players can redeem and receive extremely attractive rewards. Here we will invite you to follow along to write instructions for receiving and entering Giftcode in Gun Love .

Download Gun Love on Android Download Gun Love on iOS

1. Instructions for getting Giftcode codes in Gun Love

Step 1: To be able to receive Giftcode codes and receive attractive gifts of the game, we first need to access the website address: .

Step 2: Next, click on the Giftcode button .

Visit the homepage and press the Giftcode button

Step 3: At this time, the code for you will be displayed on the main screen. Please record this code, in exchange for gifts in the game.

Get the Giftcode code

In addition, you can also get many Giftcode codes of this game with many attractive gifts, by participating in events such as:

Event 1: Like the Fanpage of the game by visiting the link: . When participating in this event, players will receive a code with the common part is Vip 10 and a "trainee" fashion outfit for the character.

Note: After like Fanpage, the game system will send Giftcode code by message to your Facebook account , quickly enter this code into the game to redeem rewards.

Event 2: Announcing the roadmap to receive expressions.

  • To receive this code, players like, comment the words "Shoot no brothers ei" and tag the names of two friends into the article on the fanpage of the game.
  • The reward we receive for participating in this event is a set of facial expressions for our characters.

Event 3: Selfie releases hearing - Receiving rainbow wings.

  • The way to join this event is very simple, players just take a selfie, and then post on the group "Gun Love 3D - Big guns don't worry" on Facebook , along with the status line that has the city name. I am living. Finally take a photo of the article and "Join" comments on the bulletin board of this event on the game's fanpage.
  • After completing these things, you will receive a Giftcode code and enter the game in exchange for an extremely beautiful Rainbow outfit.

Event 4: Dot Dot Test Get Pet Dragon.

  • To receive gifts from this event, please like, share the event's article on Gun Love fanpage and make it public. Then comment the dot at the bottom of the article.
  • The reward that we will receive in this event is a pet Dragon Dragon Dragon extremely cute.

2. Instructions for entering the Giftcode code in Gun Love

Step 1: First, open and log in your game account Gun Love .

Step 2: At the main interface of the game, click on the Settings on the right side of the screen.

Click on Settings

Step 3: Drag the items in the Settings dialog box to the bottom, then click on the gift box icon .

Click on the Gift Box icon

Step 4: Enter the Giftcode code you received.

Step 5: Touch the Change button .

Enter the Giftcode code and press the Change button

Step 6: Finally, click on the screen to receive attractive gifts from Giftcode.

Touch the screen to redeem

Above is the guide to receive and enter the Giftcode of Gun Love game, we hope that after following this article, you can easily participate in the events of the game to receive Giftcode codes and redeem Extremely attractive gifts.

In addition, you can also refer to some other articles such as:

I wish you successful implementation!

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