Guide to play Temple Run 2 for beginners

Temple Run 2 is the latest version of the famous Temple Run game series on mobile. This is also one of the easiest endless runner style games to play. However, for a new player, especially when he has never played through this interesting series of runners, it is essential to learn how to play, control system, auxiliary types ... Please refer to the guide to play Temple Run 2 for beginners below!

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Temple Run 2 belongs to the endless runner game genre - run to death, extremely popular on mobile devices because of its easy to play, simple and addictive. Your character will run automatically on a small track, overcome many obstacles scattered along the way to escape the giant monster right behind him.

The goal of the game is to escape with the stolen mascot. Do not forget to take advantage of Power Ups, modifiers to overcome many challenges on the run and achieve the required performance of the game.

Guide to play Temple Run 2

At the main screen, you will read your task is Take the idol if you dare. The task is very simple, just press the Play button to rob the mascot in the ancient temple sitting and run really fast forward. Following you will be a giant monster, the reason for you to run non-stop until you are caught.

Press the bottom right button of play screen to pause. The top left corner is the add-in icon you are using for this game screen, click to change to other plugins that your level is used. The top right corner is the scorecard that you earned along with the gold collected along the way. Milestones (in meters) will appear at the top of the screen each time you pass a new landmark.

Temple Run 2 uses a fairly simple control system: swipe up the screen to jump, swipe down to go through obstacles, swipe left or right to turn, tilt the machine to move the character to the two sides of the road. In just one minute, when you do not use the correct control manipulation or let the character run straight when there are obstacles, you will be captured and have to run from the beginning. Of course, you can rely on the blue jewel - the Save Me feature , to continue running without being Game Over.

Temple Run 2 designed many types of running terrain for players to "change the atmosphere" to reduce boredom, while also pushing the challenge of the game higher. In addition to running outdoors or in the forest, you can also travel through very narrow wooden bridge. But note, this bridge can be broken at any time without notice, the player must jump to avoid falling into a deep abyss. The split road makes the already smaller road smaller, you need to tilt your device left or right to run close to the edge of the road.

The new version of Temple Run 2 has a new stream path. Here you will lie on your back to move on the fast current. Do not forget to collect gold along the way, avoid the stones placed in the middle of the road, go through many obstacles on high ...

Occasionally you will run into a mine run. This type of wooden track, there are sudden turns that make you have to make a decision to turn right or left quickly. There are also segments where there is a 3-way turn but actually you can only make one side if you do not want to hit the wall. The challenge lies in the split rails, in the wagon, you have to tilt the device to stick to the track and move forward. In the tunnel, there are only obstacles high above, players need to use swipe backward to lower their heads.

Some useful tips when playing Temple Run 2

  • When the character's running speed increases and many items appear constantly along the way, your task is to focus on the run instead of trying to find items or modifiers, not even trying to pick up gold to keep take the network to play. This is a deciding factor if you want to accomplish some goals or while in the mines.
  • Before earning Power Up in the air, see if it's safe to jump up and down. There are some cases where Power Up is located on a broken line or a turn, causing you to Game Over.
  • When running on a cliff, you can jump quickly and tilt your device to a safe location.
  • Avoid tripping and seeing monsters appearing right behind you. This will cause you to lose all the points from the Power meter and cannot jump in the next few seconds.

Above are the most basic instructions for playing Temple Run 2 in the early levels. Wish you have fun playing the game!