Guide to regain password Zalo

Normally we account login Zalo once and then click remember password for the next time do not need to enter the password again, after a long time you've forgotten the new password and Reset Zalo machine, put your new to their friends borrow their login account or you use a different phone, and you can not log in Zalo when've forgotten your password, so please watch your password to regain Zalo follow the instructions below.

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* Version Zalo for Android: Download Zalo for Android

* Version Zalo for iPhone: Download Zalo for iPhone

Guide regain Zalo password :

Step 1 : You launch the application and click on the Zalo up Log in


Step 2 : Select the country code is +84 , enter the phone number into the box and then click on the word number 2 Forgot password .


Step 3 : Confirm the telephone number by clicking on Confirm if you fill your phone number is correct.


Step 4 : Wait for a while Zalo will call you and provide the confirmation code typically 4 digits, you fill in as the form and then click Activate.


Step 5 : Enter the new password in the box and add 1 again in the box below to make sure the password has been set, and then click Done as you have been accessing in Zalo successful login, remember the password you just set to log on the next time.


Thus the 5-step instructions on this we have to help you retrieve your password if forgotten password Zalo Zalo, remember to reset your password for later use is not taken back. Zalo was OTT applications are increasingly widespread in Vietnam, users have to use a lot, please protect your account and get more downloads, or similar applications Zalo also that Viber for Android