How to change the Chrome browser color

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Do you know how to change the theme for Google Chrome web browser ? The easiest way to change Chrome themes is to use the "Themes" option.

Why do I have to change the theme of Google Chrome?

The Themes option in Google Chrome is a great feature that many users love. If you want your Google Chrome browser to appear with many unique designs and designs, just do a few simple mouse clicks with the Themes option of Google Chrome.

Definitely a great experience when you change themes of Google Chrome frequently with attractive patterns and styles. Not only yourself but even loved ones, friends, ... people you love can like these changes.

The easiest way to change themes on Google Chrome

Step 1: Open Google Chrome browser on the computer.

Step 2: In the upper right corner of the Google Chrome browser, click the 3-dot icon as shown in the image.

Go to settings

Step 3: Then, you click on the Settings option .

Step 4: A new tab will open. At this point, drag your mouse down to the bottom of the new tab until you see the Appearance option .

Select Themes

Step 5: In the Appearance option , find the Themes option and click it.

Step 6: A new tab with the name "chrome web store" is opened.

Find the topic you like best

Step 7: On the "chrome web store" page, you will see thumbnails of many themes (Themes). Scroll down to find the topic you like best.

Click on the topic you like best

Step 8: Click on the topic you like best. Then a new page appears on the same tab. This page displays the topic name you have just selected with the Overview - Reviews - Related options. If you want to see an overview of Google Chrome browser after applying the new Theme, select Overview. Want to see feedback and reviews of other users, select Review. Select Related if you want to find other "Themes" from the same manufacturer as the Theme you have selected.

Click on the Add to Chrome option

Step 9: After that, click on the Add to Chrome option at the top right of the new page. At that time, the theme you selected has been successfully added to the Google Chrome browser.

Now you can experience the wonderful feeling of surfing the web with the colorful Google Chrome browser. But how if you want to change the subject. Come to step 10.

Step 10: To change the subject, follow steps 1 through 7. After that, select the new topic you want to replace the old one. And then click Add to Chrome .

Press "Undo" to return to the previous topic

Step 11: Next, follow steps 8 and 9. After that, your new theme is applied on Google Chrome browser. If you suddenly change your mind, want to keep the old topic. You do not need to redo mechanical steps. Select Undo  in the upper left corner of the page. Then, the old topic will return.

Video tutorial to change the color of Chrome browser

How do I delete a theme on Google Chrome?

Delete the Theme on Google Chrome browser

If you want to delete the theme on Google Chrome, do steps 1 through 4. After that, select Reset to default  in the right corner with the Themes option. After that, Google Chrome browser will reinstall the default theme.

Above are the simple steps to change the color, theme for Chrome . Try making and experiencing a browser with many beautiful colors and themes!

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