How to change the font size on Coc Coc browser

When surfing the web, you encounter some websites with too small content or too large page layout that makes it difficult for you to track, Coc Coc browser will help you overcome this situation.

Coc Coc browser allows you to reduce or enlarge content, including images of the web page you are viewing. Not only that, when using Coc Coc browser, you can also access blocked Facebook , download YouTube videos quickly.

Invite you to refer to the following article to know how to change the font size on Coc Coc browser:

Download the latest Coc Coc browser for free

Step 1: Open up Coc Coc browser, visit the website that needs to change the font size. Then click the Coc Coc icon at the top left of the window, at the Zoom line you can:

  • Click on "-" to minimize the whole web page.
  • Click on the "+" sign to enlarge the whole web page.

Adjust it to fit your needs.

How to change the font size on the Coc Coc browser

How to use keyboard shortcuts to increase or decrease the font size on Coc Coc

  • Ctrl + "-": Zoom out an entire web page.
  • Ctrt + "+": Zoom in on the entire web page.
  • Ctrl + "0" : Return to the original state before zooming in or out.
  • Hold Ctrl and use the mouse wheel to zoom in or out on web pages.

So you know how to zoom in and out of the website to suit your needs. Now, you no longer have to be uncomfortable when faced with such cases again.

Alternatively, you can use Easy Read software to quickly change the size of web content.

I wish you successful implementation!