How to conquer the most difficult levels in Candy Crush Saga - Part 1

Candy Crush Saga is a game of interesting candy ratings that is storming on mobile devices and PCs. With familiar pairing gameplay but contains many challenging elements that the same type of games do not have, Candy Crush Saga really attracts gamers of many ages.

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Candy Crush Saga belongs to the familiar match-3 game genre but contains many new and difficult elements that give you an interesting feeling every time you pass a game. The task of the player is to match at least 3 candies of the same type into a row, column or T, L shape to make them disappear from the screen. With over 500 levels (the mobile version is 487 ) divided into more than 18 chapters, Candy Crush Saga is really a challenge that requires quite a lot of gray matter and patience of gamers. In the series of levels of Candy Crush, there will be some extremely difficult levels, which are the blocking on the way to conquer your game. So in this article, introduce some ways to overcome difficult levels in Candy Crush.

Candy Crush Saga

How to get past level 23 in Candy Crush Saga:

To win level 23, remove the frozen boxes to make room for combos. Try to connect the candies vertically after removing the ice cubes. Pay attention to the candies horizontally, remove the candy rows between jelly and ice cubes.

Level 27:

Want to go to level 27? Focus on finding power combos at the bottom of the screen, trying to score as many points as possible in one move. This will create an opportunity for special candies to appear for the next move.

Refer to the way through level 27:

How to pass level 28:

The task in level 28 is to destroy all the jelly blocks on the screen.

  • Remove the middle ice cubes in advance if possible. This will open up more appropriate splicing.
  • Look for vertical striped candies and combos to blow away blocks of ice and jelly at once
  • Focus on one side of the screen to maximize the likelihood of candy splicing on each side
  • Focus on eating candies at the bottom of the screen unless you have no other choice

Refer to the video tutorial through level 28:

How to get past level 29 in Candy Crush:

At level 29, level 9 in chapter Lemonade Lake , you must destroy 42 Jelly boxes, earn at least 100,000 points in 40 moves. Try to create lots of combos continuously and pay attention to the candies at the bottom so that the boxes can be opened completely by creating combos in the last row a lot.

Candy Crush Saga

Level 33 of Candy Crush:

Level 33 is the 13th table in the Lemonade Lake chapter and to get past it, you must successfully destroy 16 Jelly boxes, earn at least 32,000 points in just 17 moves. Often you will be stuck by the boxes below try to take advantage of pairing 4 candies to be destroyed in a row, mainly you create candies that destroy from top to bottom by putting 4 pieces together. into a horizontal row.

Candy Crush Saga

Instruction through level 35:

In this stage, the corner boxes are the hardest to erase, so focus on them first if possible. Let's start with the corners at the bottom of the screen first. Combo and striped candies are the best option for corners. Look at the undelete corners before going to the next step to make sure you don't skip a corner with jelly. As usual, you should handle the candy at the bottom of the screen to make as many connections as possible.

Refer to how to play level 35:

Instruction through level 65:

Level 65 is the 15th and final table in the Minty Meadow chapter . To get past this level, you must destroy 65 Jelly boxes and earn at least 120,000 points in 50 moves . The easiest way to overcome is to destroy each corner of the chocolate, remember to break the corner where chocolate is coming out so it doesn't spread much. Destroy pieces one by one at the chocolate corners , trying to create as many combos as possible.

You can refer to how to pass level 65 in the following video:

How to get past level 70:

Level 70 is the 5th level in the chapter of Easter Bunny Hill and is also one of the tough levels in Candy Crush. Your task is to destroy 28 Jelly boxes and earn at least 60,000 points in 45 moves. 2 chocolates below and locked candies are the most difficult in lelel 70. Try to create combos from the candies on the left to destroy the right. If you destroy the umbrellas near chocolate to spread out, then perhaps your job will become much more difficult. The best way is not to let chocolate escape and spread to other candies, try to destroy them in those keyboxes.

See more ways to overcome Candy Crush Saga Level 70 in the video below:

Above are some suggestions for you how to overcome the "difficult" levels in the familiar sweet candy game. You can refer to the instructions on how to go to the higher stage in part 2 of the article.