How to download PES 2019 football game for free

According to the official announcement of the king of Konami sports game , the latest football game PES 2019 will have a free version called PES 2019 LITE. Accordingly, the game PES 2019 LITE will have all the features of the paid version. The move to release the free version of PES 2019 game to regain market share in recent years is gradually losing its position because of copyright issues of clubs and tournaments in the hands of FIFA . FIFA and PES are always the two leading rivals with the annual releases, can see FIFA 19are very prominent by the appearance of a series of football superstars like Ronadol, Ramos, Modric, Kenvi Bruyne, etc. However, in terms of quality, it is hard to compare the inferiority of these two top-notch football products.

Download PES 2019 LITE game for free

Today, December 14, 2018 according to Vietnam time, PES 2019 LITE will be launched, but as we know PES game in general is still limited in region and Vietnam is one of the countries that are not yet supported. . Therefore, to play PES for free like PES 2018 LITE , PES 2019 LITE is highly likely that you have to install a Fake IP application such as UltraSurf, VPN Gate Client Plug-in with SoftEther VPN Client , Hotspot Shield , etc. Below we will guide you specifically how to download free PES games quickly with the virtual IP creation application UltraSurf .

How to download the super football game PES 2019 LITE for free

Step 1:

Download UltraSurf software then extract it using 7-Zip .

Unzip UltraSurf

Step 2:

After finishing extracting, you just need to double click on u1806.exe file to launch the application. 

Launch UltraSurf

Now UraSurf will automatically create a virtual IP range for your device.

UltraSurf application

Step 3:

Next, if you log in to Steam, you can log out to log back in to get the new IP and access the PES 2019 LITE game link on Steam according to the download link we provided above.

Or visit the download link:

List of PES 2019 games on Steam

Now you will see we can access the game as usual, here press the Play button  to download your game library.

Install PES 2019 Lite game

You can go to Game Library to check when the game download is complete.

PES 2019 Lite interface on Steam

Step 4:

Exit Steam and turn off the Fake IP UltraSurf software. Open Steam again to experience PES 2019 without having to turn on Fake IP software anymore.

PES 2019 Lite avatar image

What does PES 2019 LITE have?

With PES 2019 Lite, players can unleash in myClub mode with football village legends like David Beckham, Maradona, Cruyff, etc. In addition, you can also choose to experience the all-new Featured Players mode exclusively for PES 2019 for free.

The game developer has increased the authenticity of the game by having the players 'stats will be influenced by the real players' expressions in matches played last weekend. In addition, PES 2019 Lite will include EDIT mode, allowing players to adjust the team, player or football field, etc. to create a football empire for themselves.

PES 2019 Lite game interface

To increase the authenticity of the game, the developer spent a lot of effort to meticulously design, making the stats of the players affected by their own performances in real life. In addition, according to the announcement from the developer, PES 2019 Lite will include EDIT mode, allowing players to adjust the team, player or football field, etc. to create his own football empire. The game will always be updated at the beginning of every week, so gamers will be able to fully experience this top-notch football game.

In addition to creating a virtual IP with UraSurf, you can also use the Halo application to create Fake IP according to the article: Instructions for Fake Foreign IP with Hola application .

Above we have guide you in detail how to download PES 2019 game free to your computer. Hopefully beyond the regional limits we can still have a great experience with this classic football game for free.