How to download photos on Google Photos to your computer

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Googe Photos is a tool that allows us to save countless photos automatically, extremely smartly, and has the ability to organize and manage data quite professionally. The problem, however, is downloading photos from Googe Photos to your computer. Because if the usual way (select Download in the archive of this tool), it will only download one image for each operation, very time-consuming but inefficient.

Download Googe Photos for computer

Download Googe Photos for iOS

Download Googe Photos for Android

Log into Googe Photos online

But luckily, Google always knows how to please our customers and there is always a way for us to meet all needs, including downloading videos and photos from Googe Photos.

Download all photos on Google Photos at once

Step 1: Since it is not possible to download all photos on the Google Accounts account at once, we will have to use another method. From the browser you are using, access this address . If you're already logged into your Google account on this browser, the interface will appear as below. If not, then you will have to perform additional operations login.

The interface you will transfer to will be Download your data - Download your data , this is where you can see all the data that we can use with your Google account. If anyone observant or have ever done through, will see the operation is very similar to when we " transfer data from Google Drive to Dropbox ".

Layout page setting

Step 2: Use the left mouse button to click to enable or disable the mode of these data. The "x" ( gray ) is disabled, turned off, and the "v" ( green ) is enabled, enabled. If you want to upload videos from Googe Photos, turn this mode on.

Activate Google Photos
Activate data download mode for Google Photos

By default, if you just click to enable the download data, we will download all the data available on Googe Photos, this is really not necessary but also time-consuming and heavy in vain.

Left click the item directly to enter detailed options.

Photo album options

There are two options:

  • Include all photo albums: Download entire photo albums.
  • Select photo albums: Select an album to download.

You can tick the second box and select Photo albums to select the albums you want.

Click on Photo albums

By default, the entire album will be marked for confirmation, but we will only keep the albums to use, leaving the tick unchecked and Done .

Choose an album
Select the photo album to download to your computer

Step 3: The number of selected albums will appear, left click on Next to continue.

Click Next

Step 4: Interface Customize archive format - Customize the storage format that appears, choose respectively:

  • File type - File type : File type download.
  • Delivery method - Delivery method .
  • You can choose to have Google send a link to upload photos to your email address.
  • Or choose Add to Drive , Add to Dropbox or Add to OneDrive as you like.

You choose a setting that best suits you and then select Create archive .

Select Create archive
Select the type of file you want to download and where to store it

Depending on the number of photos, the size of the albums and the speed of the Internet connection, the completion time will be relatively long. You can also cancel the operation by selecting the Create another archive item .


Step 5: Wait until the job is completed, you will see the interface changes as below. At this time, you can always click on the Download section to download the images to your device.

Click Download
Click Download to download photos and videos from Google Photos to your device

Step 6: Log in again to your Google account.

Log in

Step 7: Choose a location to save and name the album on the computer and then Save again.

Save the file on the computer

This is our achievement.

Download successful

However, since this file has been compressed to reduce its size, we need to use the decompression tools first.

Unpack the fìle
Image files are downloaded from Google Photos

Try comparing to the original photo album on Googe Photos.

Google Photos account

This is the way we do so that we can download the entire photo album, video on Googe Photos without using any software or other assistance.

Video tutorial for downloading photos on Googe Photos to your computer

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