How to download the Sticker Together Hand Push Corona on Zalo

Zalo is one of the most popular chatting, calling and messaging applications in Vietnam. In order to join hands to repel the Covid-19 pandemic, Zalo has launched users of the "Corona Corona Repulsion" Sticker set very close, useful.

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A set of "Corona Push Back" Sticker has a total of 11 Stickers that fully express the message, health recommendations such as: Wash your hands, Remember to wear a mask, Drink plenty of water, Remember to rinse your mouth, Improve your health, Restricting to gather, Stand still when the country needs, Vietnam wins, Fighting ... in the time when the disease situation is very complicated, the cases are increasing day by day. everyone.

Video tutorial to download "Joining hands together" on Zalo


Instructions to download the Sticker "Together Hand Push Corona" on Zalo

At Zalo chat interface, click the smiley icon , then click the fire icon , find the Health tab . This is the latest Corona Push Back Sticker, which Zalo has just provided.

However, this usually does not show the full sticker, so click on the + icon in the bottom right corner, go to the "Join Corona" sticker , click Download to download the device .

Sticker Together Hand Pushing Corona

Download Sticker Together Hand Push Back Corona

After downloading, the Sticker will appear, you just need to choose to send to a friend. Each sticker conveys a very meaningful message, helping you to avoid the maximum chance of being infected with Covid-19.

Using Corona Sticker Push Back

Sticker Together Hand Pushing Corona

Hopefully, the messages and appeals in the "Joining hands together" Corona Sticker will be responded by many people, quickly spread widely in the community, contributing to repelling the disease Covid-19.

I wish you successful implementation!