How to edit PDF files quickly and effectively

Editing PDF files has always been a headache job for many office users.

With small features, compact, safe, PDF file format is always used by many users. However, it will be really perfect if editing the content inside is not too complicated and annoying. To be able to edit and edit the content of a PDF file, there are usually three ways, so what are those three ways? How to do it?

The first and most commonly used way you probably have heard or tried before, is to use additional specialized software such as Acrobat , Adobe Reader , or the most popular and best Foxit Reader . But there are other ways that you may not have noticed, using the Microsoft Word office toolkit.

However, for some people, having to download, install, and then use a third tool is often not really optimal, due to concerns about viruses, difficult usage, or machine memory. will take up additional space. In addition, although the ultimate goal is how to best edit pdf documents, each software, each tool has a different usage, a method that we hardly have. can get used to it immediately. So in this article, will guide you how to edit PDF files the easiest, that is to use Word.

Convert PDF to Word on Foxit Reader for repair

Step 1: First, you m in PDF need to tweak, edit content up. In this example, we will edit PDF document format on the most popular and popular PDF software, Foxit Reader today . Then click Select Text or Tools / Select Text (or press the keyboard shortcut Alt + 6) depending on the Foxit version you are using.

Open the PDF file to fix

Step 2: Left click, hold and move around the entire piece of text you want to get to fix, then copy ( Ctrl + C ) again.

Select the PDF text to be edited

Step 3: Paste ( Ctrl + V ) the text into any Word editing toolkit. You can use Microsoft Word or WPS Writer, in the guide of this article we use WPS Writer of the WPS Office Free suite .

Edit the PDF file to your liking
Paste the text into WPS Writer

Step 4: After editing is complete, click the blue Writer icon (upper left corner of the screen) to save. You can save as usual, or export the file as a PDF directly by selecting Save as / Export to PDF, depending on your purpose.

  • Save normally: Can be used to revise later, or continue to repair if unsure.
  • Export straight to PDF file: Disposable, unnecessary, certainly won't fix it again.

If you choose to export the file as a pdf directly:

Save and export the word file as pdf directly

Select the location and name for the file to save by clicking Browse .. / OK.

Choose where to save the file

Wait a bit for the file export process to complete. Click Close to close, or Open File to open this file always.

Wait for the file export process to complete

This is the file containing the text that you have just converted to word for editing, then saved as a pdf.

If you also choose to save the file as plain text:

Open Foxit Reader, select the Home / From File tab .

Open the saved word file with Foxit reader

Find the path to the file to open.

Choose file

This is a display of the corrected text when reopened with Foxit.

The file has been opened on Foxit

To save, you select the floppy disk icon (Save) then select the name and proceed as usual.

save the file to be repaired

In addition, you can also refer to the article: Converting Word to PDF online for free to reduce the time and the amount of operations required.

The main interface of pdfescape
Drag and drop PDF files into the frame to convert

The text is displayed on pdfescape

PDFBuddy is also a very useful online pdf converter .

The main interface of pdfbuddy

Repair PDF files directly on Word 2013

Step 1: First, you also open up Microsoft Word 2013 , then click File.

Click File on Word 2013

A new window appears, select continue to Open.

Click on Open

Step 2: Find the location of the PDF file you want to open to repair, click the file and then Open.

Select the file to edit

Click OK to confirm.

Click OK to confirm

Step 3: The text to be repaired will display in Word 2013. Now you can proceed to edit, add or remove the pdf file as you like.

Edit PDF files as usual

Step 4: After the editing is completed, click the Save icon to save.

Click the save icon to save

Repairing documents in PDF format is a bit difficult for those who are not familiar with and not really proficient in computers. But with the above article, believes that you have mastered how to edit pdf files expertly. And hopefully if at work, or learning that must use this file, you will do it easily.