How to make 10/10 greeting cards to celebrate Vietnamese Womens Day with Proshow Producer

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Proshow Producer - professional and extremely popular photo slide software is currently the main tool used to create electronic greeting cards for October 20, Christmas, Valentine or birthday. With just a little bit of computer knowledge, patience and creativity, you can create a lively, unique and meaningful card yourself.

Download free ProShow Producer

On the upcoming Vietnamese Women's Day 20/10, have you prepared any gifts for your grandmother, mother, wife or girlfriend? If you don't like the boring gifts, bought in the store, or think the flowers are not enough to express your love, you can spend some time to create your own electronic card. with Proshow Producer software.

Create electronic cards with Proshow Producer

May not bring economic value, physical value, but this will certainly be a unique gift and make its recipients feel more than the feelings you have for them.

Step 1: Download and install Proshow Producer on your computer as usual.

Step 2: Launch the software, from the main interface, left click on the New icon on the menu bar (image below) to start creating a new one.

Create a new slide

Click on Create to confirm.

Select Create

Step 3: ProShow Wizard interface appears, select Add to start adding images to your slides.

Add photos
Start adding photos to create Slide

Step 4: Navigate to the location to save the image you want to use in the Windows window that appears, select meaningful photos or memories, special photos for you and the person who will receive this gift and Open .

Choose photo

Click Next to continue.

Click on Next

Step 2: Music. You can choose Add to add any song, any piece of music from your computer to your slide, or you can skip this step by clicking Next below.

Insert music

Step 5: If you want to insert music into the slide, you can do the same as when selecting photos (select the song to use and then Open).

Choose music
Select the song, piece of music you want to use for the current slide

Click Next to finish.

Click Next

Step 6: Theme - this is the interface that will choose the way his photo slides are presented, or can understand this is the effect that Proshow Producer will perform with his photos.

You can scroll down to see many other styles, choose a style like the best and then click Next .

Choose a slideshow type
Choose a slide style for your slides

Continue to select Create .


Step 7: Go to this step, you will be Proshow Producer for previewing "products" before proceeding to the final stage. If you want you can keep this original or return to edit, and if satisfied, click Next to finish.

Play Slide
Preview the slide before you finish

Click on Done or the Save Your Show options to save to your computer, Publish Your Show to share this photo slide.


Choose a location on the device and name it the way you want.

To name

In addition, if your computer is also pre-installed UniKey , Vietkey , GoTiengViet or FVIK ... then not only photos, music, but you can also send to loved ones who will receive gifts. These meaningful wishes, sayings full of love, or simply a sincere thanks to them.

From the main interface of ProShow Producer (keep the current slide in progress, do not turn it off), left-click on the Slide tab , select Slide Options , or you can also use the shortcut CTRL + L or expression Add Tittle icon on the menu bar.

Slide tab

New interface appears, select the Caption Settings tab and then enter the wishes or anything you want to say into the Caption Text box . A few options below will make your wishes unique and eye-catching, namely:

  • Style : Typeface.
  • Font : The font.
  • Case : When displayed (stay the same, or will become uppercase ...).
  • Size : Size of text when displaying.
  • Color : Text color

Write text

Once completed, our e-cards become much more lively, unique, but still extremely professional and creative.


Above is the basic tutorial, you can use Proshow Producer software with this basic guide to create many cards with different meanings. It will be not only October 20, but also Teachers' Day, November 20, Christmas or happy new year.

I wish you successful implementation!

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