How to make wooden items in Minecraft

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In the game Minecraft wood plays an extremely important role, is the raw material that produces a lot of essential objects in the game, such as combat weapons, farming tools, protective fences from monsters, even transportation ...

And the wood is from plants, so you have to pay attention to playing and planting a variety of trees to get the highest quality, most beautiful colors. In addition, you can find wood in some Biomes, when finding wood you just need to left-click until it breaks down wooden blocks, then pick up those wooden blocks for manufacturing.

So how to make each type of wooden utensils and tools? Invite you to refer to the following article of offline:

Types of wood in the game Minecraft

In Minecraft there are 6 different types of wood, each with its own characteristics and uses to create many different objects:

Siamese acacia woodSiamese acacia wood: Only in Biome Savanna, slightly hard to harvest, beautiful wood color.
Dark oak Dark oak: Only found in the Biome Roofed Forest, harvesting is easy.
Forest wood Forest Wood: Harvesting is very difficult, appearing in the Biome Taiga, Cold Taiga ...
Oak wood Oak Wood: The easiest wood to find in the game, living mostly on the Biome.
Spruce Wood Wood grain: This wood is rare, only in Biome Jungle.
Birch oak wood Birch Wood: Appears close to an oak tree or an entire Biome.

How to make wooden furniture in the game Minecraft

1. Wooden Planks (Wooden Planks)

How to make wooden planks is quite simple, you just need to press the E key to open the inventory . Here, you will see:

  • 4 boxes along the character's side are dressed: Hats, shirts, pants, shoes to help increase armor.
  • 4 cells [2x2] are manufacturing areas, only a few normal items can be made, 1 adjacent box is the finished product.
  • The last 9 horizontal rows are the places for items to be used.


At the manufacturing section, you put the wood block you want to manufacture, you will receive 4 wooden planks with 1 wooden block. Each block of wood will produce different types of wooden boards. When there are many wooden planks you can make many different objects.

Manufacturing wooden boards

2. Manufacturing table (Workbench)

After making wooden planks, you will easily create a crafting table by placing 4 wooden planks. Then, drag to the toolbar, then right-click to place the manufacturing table on the ground, then right-click it to see 3x3 manufacturing table. Many other objects can be built at this time.

Crafting table

3. Wooden stick (Wooden Stick)

Sticks are raw materials to make a variety of weapons, farming tools, torches ... To make sticks you open the manufacturing table, put 2 wooden planks into:

Wooden sticks

4. Wooden Swords (Wooden Swords)

The wooden sword is used to kill monsters, is a melee weapon, causing higher damage than other weapons but weaker than the stone sword, iron sword and diamond sword. To make wooden swords need 1 wooden stick, 2 wooden boards:

Manufacturing wooden swords

5. Wooden cup (Wooden Pickaxes)

The wooden cup is used to dig rock, gravel and coal beneath the soil layer. To make a wooden cup, 2 wooden sticks and 3 wooden boards are needed:

Manufacturing wooden cup

6. Wooden Hoes

Wooden picks are used for hoe planting wheat , potatoes, watermelons, carrots, pumpkins, etc. To make wooden picks, two wooden sticks and two wooden boards are required:

Manufacturing wooden hoes

7. Wooden Shovels (Wooden Shovels)

Shovels are used to dig soil, sand, gravel, clay and snow quickly. A shovel is required when digging snow, and other types can be obtained by hand. To make wooden shovels, 2 wooden sticks and 1 wooden board are required:

Manufacture of wooden shovels

8. Wooden Ax (Wooden Axes)

The ax is used to chop wood faster and is also used as a weapon to deal damage, but less damage than swords made of the same material. To make wooden axes, it takes 2 wooden sticks and 3 wooden boards:

Manufacturing wooden ax

9, Boat

Boats used to circulate on the water faster than swimming, materials to build boats are 5 wooden planks:

Build a boat

10. Bowl

The bowl is used to contain mushroom soup, stewed rabbit soup and to milk cow's mushrooms, you can get back the bowl when the soup is finished. You can put multiple bowls on top of each other. The recipe to make the bowl is 3 wooden planks:

Manufacturing bowls

11. Chest (Chest)

The chest works with blocks and objects, for a total of 27 empty cells. When placed 2 chests next to each other will be 2 large chests twice the original trunk, with a double capacity of normal. To make a chest requires 8 wooden boards:

Treasure chest

12. Wooden Door (Wooden Door)

The wooden door is used by right clicking on it or using red stone. To make wooden doors need 6 wooden planks:

Wooden door

13. Wooden Stairs (Wooden Stairs)

Wooden stairs are very important to help you climb to high places easily or make stairs for tall buildings. To build wooden stairs need 6 wooden planks:

Manufacturing wooden stairs

14. Wooden trapdoor (Wooden Trapdoor)

To make a shutter that requires 6 wooden planks, the shutter also has a protective effect on your home.

Manufacturing wood collapse

15. Oak planks

Oak planks are made of 3 wooden planks:

Make oak slabs

16. Digital pressure sensor disc

Digital pressure sensor disc is made of 2 wooden planks:

Digital pressure sensor disc

17. Keys

Keys are made from 1 wooden board:

Make keys

18. Gate

To make the gate, 4 wooden sticks and 2 wooden boards are needed:

Fabrication port

19. Fence (Fence)

Fences are used to prevent others from jumping on their farm or preventing monsters from climbing. To make the fence requires 4 wooden planks and 2 wooden sticks:

Fabrication of the fence

Only with wooden planks, wooden sticks you can create a lot of essential items, supporting your gaming process more effectively.

Wish you have fun playing the game!

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