How to number pages in Word from the beginning or any page

For reports, dissertations, internships, and long-form entries, page numbering is essential, making it easy to find and edit. Page numbering for the entire document is probably well known, but any page numbering is a little more complicated.

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So invite you to follow the article below to know how to do:

Page numbering starts from the first page in Word

Step 1: Open the text to page up, click the Insert tab > Page Number. There will be the following options:

  • Top of Page: Number the page at the top of the page.
  • Bottom of Page: Number the page at the bottom of the page.
  • Page Margins: Number the page on the page margin.
  • Current Position: Bookmark the page at the position where the mouse cursor is positioned.

Depending on the purpose of each person to choose accordingly.


Step 2: If you choose to highlight the middle, bottom of each page, hover on the Bottom of Page , select Plain Number 2 as the middle page style. Dragging the scroll bar in Simple will have many bookmarking styles to choose from. So that text will automatically number the page from start to finish.

Choose page numbering style

How to number pages from any page in Word

Step 1: Numbering pages from any page is a bit more complicated. First you need to place the cursor at the top of the page that you want to start bookmarking.

Place the mouse cursor on any page header

Step 2: Click the Page Layout> Breaks tab , select Next Page to separate the text into 2 different Sections: 1 Section from the cursor position to the end of the text and 1 Section from the beginning to the end of the page without the mouse cursor .

Next Page

Step 3: Next, click on the Insert tab > Page Numbers> Format Page Numbers.

Format page numbers

Step 4: The Page Number Format dialog box appears, select the page numbering style in Number Format and select Start at 1 or any starting value you want to start bookmarking. Then click OK.

Page Number Format

Step 5: Click the Insert tab > Header / Footer or select Page Number to bookmark. Then choose a bookmark.

Page number

Step 6: So you have page numbers for both sections. To remove the page numbers in Section 1, please disconnect the two sections by clicking the yellow link in the Link to Previous section in the Design section of Header & Footer Tools.

Header & Footer Tools

Step 7: After you have broken 2 Sections, click Footer Section 1, delete the page number and bookmark type. Then click Close Header and Footer. Thus, Section 1 will no longer have the page number and the page number starting with Section 2 only, from the original cursor position.

Delete page number

So you all know how to number pages in Word already, quite simple, right?

I wish you successful implementation!