How to Win 7 by Onekey Ghost ghost

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Ghost Win 7 is one of the effective ways to help users save time instead of using many ways to install new windows 7 for your computer. Apart from ghost win 7 by Onekey Ghost, formerly also has lots of other ways.

* Using Norton Ghost:  The ghost win 7 by Norton Ghost
* Use Hiren's Boot: The ghost win 7 by Hiren Boot's

Ghost Onekey effectively support the creation and bug Ghost file system operating system to conduct work on the ghost windows computer to its original state. Here, please instruct you use Ghost to Ghost Onekey operating system each time we fail.

Guide to Windows 7 by Onekey Ghost Ghost

Step 1 : Download and install OneKey Ghost on your computer, download Ghost Onekey .

How to Win 7 by Onekey Ghost ghost

Step 2 : After a few seconds the program session will include information about the drive and the Ghost file that you saved earlier in the hard drive.

How to Win 7 by Onekey Ghost ghost

Step 3 : If your machine does not store files Ghost will carry me always Ghost file in case the operating system corrupted by.

- Built choose to BackUp , then select File path to save Ghost, the next you click Yes to proceed backup program you always

How to Win 7 by Onekey Ghost ghost

Step 4 : When it was announced you click Yes to restart the computer and the backup process will take place.

- If your computer has stored files Ghost and then, to Ghost the computer you return Step 2. Here you integrate select Restore and then select File Ghost saved in the computer and choose the partition to restore Apparel Back then you click Yes . The program will automatically restore your operating system in a short time.

How to Win 7 by Onekey Ghost ghost

- After you click Yes the program will automatically give your computer Ghost on drive C: You just wait in a short time there will be results.

How to Win 7 by Onekey Ghost ghost

Using software Onekey Ghost Ghost help you win 7 is simple and fast, thus saving a lot of time and effort in comparison with the installed OS .

Update: The official version of Windows 10 was released, accompanied by a variety of ways to install windows 10 different. However, to save time, recommend ghost windows 10 rather for both installation and then proceed to install Windows 10 would be very laborious.