IDM - 0x80004002 Error Fix in Windows 7

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Incident "Error 0x80004002" or error "Can not transfer downloaded files to IDM" is a condition that you enjoy having in the process of loading a file on the internet that IDM can not link to download. This problem often encountered when using a Web browser 2 is Inernet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.

Error Handling Error 0x80004002 IDM

Step 1 : Open the folder containing the files installed IDM, right click IDMan.exe -> Properties .

IDM - 0x80004002 Error Fix in Windows 7

Step 2 : The window Properties appears -> choose Tab Compatibility . Mark the position Run this program for print compatibilty mode to select the operating system you are using. In the Privilege Level , marking continued to position this Run programs as an administrator Click OK to save the settings

IDM - 0x80004002 Error Fix in Windows 7

Posts on here, have you how to fix error 0x80004002 Error on Windows 7, for other versions of Windows do the same. Also, if doing it on still irreparable this situation, you can uninstall and reinstall IDM, using software CCleaner to remove, performing relative to the installation file object IDMan.exe within the folder containing installation files.

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