Instructions for blocking calls on Android phones

Blocking incoming calls on Android devices helps users avoid being disturbed by calls from unwanted people, strangers not in the contacts, even those saved in the contacts.

Most Android phones allow you to block contacts on your phone without installing any software to block calls or block messages. But miserable you do not know how to use call blocking on Android phones, what to do?

Each mobile device has different versions for an operating system, and each version will have different changes in features, interface and usage. Blocking calls on Android too, the following will be a few pictures instructing "block" calls on Android with 3 different devices.

How to block calls on Samsung phones

In the framework of this article, we guide on Samsung J7 prime phone, running Android 8.1.0 operating system  :

Block strangers

Open the Phone app on your phone, want to block which phone number just press the number, select Details . Then, click Block number in the bottom right corner of the screen.

Block numbers saved in contacts

You access the Contacts application on the phone, then select any phone number that has been saved in the contacts. Or you can tap the phone number from the recent call list, then select Details . Next, click the 3 vertical dots icon in the top right corner, select Block contacts.

At this time, the message `` Block contacts '' appears , press `` Block '' next to the phone number that appears the Block icon as in the picture below. From now on you will not receive any calls or messages from your blocked contacts.

Unblock the call

Also want to unblock calls, also open the Phone app on your phone, click the vertical 3-dot icon in the top right corner, select Settings.

The Call settings interface appears, tap Block number . Here will appear a list of blocked phone numbers, want to unblock just click on the red - sign icon . In addition, you can enter phone numbers in the Add phone numbers box to block calls and messages from specific phone numbers.

How to block calls on Oppo phones

Step 1 : You access the Phone , check the list of most recent contacts that you want to block. Then touch the i icon in the circle corresponding to that contact.

Phone Recent call

Step 2: In the Call details interface , you can scroll down to the bottom and touch the Block this contact , a small message appears, select Block to confirm the operation.

Block contact Confirm blocking

Step 3 : After this operation, blocked contacts will not be able to contact (call or text) for you. And to unblock this person, you only need to do the same thing, but select Unblock this contact and you 're done.

Unblock Unblock the call block

This method can also apply to phone numbers not in the phone book. However, if you want to block a friend or someone who has been saved on the machine, the same is. You access the Directory , select the name of the person to block. Then also scroll down select Block contact as above.

Phonebook Block out

Do the same to unblock if desired.

Block contact Unblock

How to block calls on LG phones

Here's a picture of how to block calls on LG G Pro 2 phones, Android 4.4.2. Please follow the steps below:

Step 1: On the main screen, click Call. The call management window appears, click on the 3 dash icon in the bottom right corner of the screen. Then select Call Settings to enter the call settings.

Instructions for blocking calls on Android phones

Step 2: The call settings window appears, click Call Reject to change the call rejection settings and manage the rejected calls in the call blocking list. First, tap Call reject mode to set the call rejection mode.

Instructions for blocking calls on Android phones

Step 3: At the Call reject mode window will give you 3 options:

  • Turn off: Turn off the call rejecting mode.
  • R eject calls on list: Reject calls in the blocked list.
  • Reject all calls: Reject all calls .

Depending on the purpose of each person to choose the appropriate mode. Here, we will select Reject calls on list mode. If you want to add another number to the list of rejected calls, in the Reject calls from section, click the plus icon in the top right corner of the screen.

Instructions for blocking calls on Android phones

Step 4: The Add Number window appears giving you 3 options to add a new block list:

  • Contacts: Add in contacts.
  • Call logs: Add in call log.
  • New number: Block new phone numbers not in contacts.

Here, we will choose New number . In the New number window , enter the phone number to block in the Number box , then click Save to save.

Instructions for blocking calls on Android phones

Step 5: If you want to delete a blocked phone number in the block list, in the Reject calls from window . Check the Select all box if you want to delete the entire list, check the checkmark at the top of each phone number, then press Delete to remove that phone number separately from the block list.

Instructions for blocking calls on Android phones

So you know how to block certain contacts that often annoy you. Now, whenever that number calls you, you will get a "busy phone " alert and your phone will only see a rejected call in the call management section.

If you want to install additional call blocking software on your phone to own some other features, you can refer to the software: Blacklist for Android , Block calls and SMS for Android ...

I wish you successful implementation!