Instructions for downloading and installing MAP for Minecraft

Minecraft is a famous name making the game village in the world. One of the attractions of Minecraft is that it allows players to create their own maps (maps) to add new and interesting. There are loads of good maps available for players to choose and download. In this article, will guide you how to download maps and install on Minecraft.

Minecraft is an adventure game combined with construction and survival elements, allowing players to unleash creativity and do what they want. Although not possessing eye-catching graphics like other games on the market, Minecraft has an interesting and addictive gameplay.

Download and install the map for Minecraft game

To have more new experiences about this interesting game, you can download and install into the game new maps. Here are some steps to download and install the map for Minecraft:

Step 1: Download the Minecraft map

You go to Google, search keyword Minecraft Map to find websites that publish the game's maps, or click directly here .

On the website will appear a lot of maps, select the one you like and then click on it, then click the black Download button.

Minecraft Maps

Step 2:

Once the Map has been downloaded to your computer, extract the file.

Step 3:

On the Start bar, type " % appdata% " into the search bar -> Items Roaming -> to " .minecraft " -> Saves


Copy the extracted map file to the Saves folder :


Step 4:

Open the Minecraft game , wait for the game to load. The game screen will display a list of maps for you to choose. Now you can comfortably enjoy the new map you just downloaded!

List of downloaded maps in the game

Above are the basic steps to download and install the map into Minecraft. With just a few simple steps, you can download interesting maps to enjoy! You can refer to some Minecraft game tips in the articles: How to play Minecraft for beginners , How to create basic objects in Minecraft , How to make food in Minecraft game

I wish you success and happy gaming!