Instructions for recording on the computer

You do not need to hold the microphone near the computer speakers to record the sound emitted from there. Even if you do not have the Stereo Mix option on your computer, you can easily record audio from any computer.

This can be done with software. You don't even need to connect your computer's audio output to its input with a cable to do this, though it's also an option. The following article will guide you how to record audio emitted from your computer easily and quickly.

Option 1: Stereo Mix

Stereo Mix is ​​sometimes called What U Hear. It is a special recording option that may be provided by your audio drivers. If so, you can choose it (instead of a microphone and input cable) and force any application to record sound emanating from your computer through the speakers and headphones.

On modern operating system versions, Stereo Mix is ​​usually disabled by default even though your audio drivers support it. Use any recording program and choose Stereo Mix as an input device instead of the microphone option.

On some devices, you may not have this option. But there is a way to enable it with different drivers, but not every audio hardware supports Stereo Mix. It is slowly becoming less popular.

Stereo Mix

Option 2: Audacity 's WASAPI Loopback

Without the Stereo Mix option, don't worry. Audacity has a useful feature that will be able to record sound emitted from the computer. In fact, the feature of Aupacity is even better than Stereo Mix. It takes advantage of some things that Microsoft added to Windows Vista and it also works on Windows 7 , Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 . It helps make up for the lack of the Stereo Mix option on modern computers.

In Audacity, you select the Windows WASAPI audio server and an appropriate loopback device, such as speakers, headphones.


Click the Record button to start recording audio on Audacity and click on Stop when finished. Because you use Audacity, you can easily cut and edit the audio file when you're done.

Aupacity's tutorial website explains why the Aupacity is better than Stereo Mix: “WASAPI has an advantage over Stereo Mix or similar inputs provided by the sound card is the complete recording. all digital (rather than converting to the same thing for playback, then back to digital when Aupacity receives it). The system sounds played through the device selected for the WASAPI loopback are still captured. ”

In other words, your audio recording will be of higher quality when using Audacity's WASAPI loopback.

Record audio with Aupacity

Download Audacity for Mac

Download Audacity Portable

Option 3: An audio cable

There is always a low tech solution. You only need a 3.5mm audio cable at both ends, one end to the headphone jack and one to the microphone jack on the computer. You will stop hearing the sound that the computer emits. To really hear it, you can take a divider and put the sound out of the headset or speakers and bring it back to your computer.

Audio cable

Certainly, this is an inconvenient option and is somewhat more "archaic, sketchy" when compared to the above options. But, if you need to capture audio coming from your computer without Audacity and Stereo Mix, then an audio cable is a perfect alternative.

This article has introduced three options for recording audio from a computer. Obviously, copyright law can prevent you from distributing any records made in these ways, so don't use these tips for that purpose.