Instructions on how to draw images on Google Maps

WP Google Maps is the easiest to use plugin. Users can add customized Google maps to posts on WordPress or other sites quickly and easily thanks to the integrated short code.

Use WP Google Maps to draw imagery on a map

Additionally, you can use it to create multiple shapes like lines, polygons, circles and rectangles ... and display them on Google Maps . You can highlight areas on google map with the color you like and display custom information. In addition, you can also configure shapes so that users can edit or drag them.

Step 1: Go to the Drawing page and select the map in Select map .

Select map area

Step 2: Select the shape icon you want to draw at the top center of the map.

Select the shape you want to draw

Step 3: Then click on the map and drag the mouse to create a shape. You can create as many shapes on the map as you want.

Proceed to draw the picture

Step 4: To modify a shape attribute, click on the shape and you will see the options shown on the right.

Change the properties of the image

Attributes of image:

  • Stroke Color: It is the outline of the shape, describes the edges of a shape or it can be a simple line. Here, you can choose the border color you want.
  • Fill Color: Fill the surface area of ​​an image with color.
  • Stroke Weight: Adjust the thickness of the contour.
  • Stroke Opacity: Change the transparency of the border.
  • Fill Opacity: This property determines the transparency of the color.

Step 5 : Click Save Drawing to save.

So, with the simple guide above, you can draw different shapes on Google Maps to easily track and use this free map application.

I wish you successful implementation!