Instructions to play the game BTS World

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Currently, BTS World game can be played on all platforms and the ARMY community around the world has been able to start participating in the collection of BTS photo cards of BTS members.

Download game BTS World for iOS Download game BTS World for Android

BTS World is the game that manages the idol group BTS, it can be said that BTS is the current Korean national group, the influence of this group is not limited to Korea but also spread throughout the world. gender. It can be said that BTS is the pride of Kpop today. Game BTS World is receiving great attention from the community of BTS fans in general and Kpop in general, after a few hours of launch, the number of people installing BTS World games has reached a huge number both on the App Store and Google Play . If you still do not know where to start, follow the article below of to know how to play the BTS World game and collect your BTS members' cards.

Note: Currently there are some devices that cannot find BTS World game on the app store, you can download VPN software to Fake IP to Korea and install the BTS World game very easily.

Instructions on how to play the game BTS World

Step 1:

Install the game BTS World by following the download link above or go directly to the Google Play app store or App Store to find the keyword BTS World.

Game installation interfaceThe installation process of BTS World

Step 2:

After installation is complete, you will be required to download game data about 500 MB. The process of downloading this package is quite long so you will have to wait and should prepare a good connection before using.

Download the data pack

Step 3:

After successfully downloading the data, you will receive a game message requesting to send a message to the manufacturer to be able to play the game. Click Post Your Comment to comment and click Start Game to start playing the game.

Game data download interface

Step 4:

Next we will proceed to name your account with a minimum of 4 characters and a maximum of 8. After entering it, click OK and continue to click OK to confirm the game account.

Name the playerConfirm the player name

Step 5:

Soon you will be taken to a game page with a fairly simple interface with the image of BTS. To play the game you just need to touch the screen repeatedly to go to different interfaces.

Start joining BTS WorldPhotos of members in BTS

Step 6:

Next you will receive a confirmation card as a manager of the BTS group. 

BTS World game interface

Step 7:

The selection level window appears, this will be the place to manage the level of the player and you can also view your entire gaming process through the number of stars in each game screen.

After each stage of completion, you will receive cards that are the members of the band.

When you enter the details of managing BTS member cards, you can use flowers to upgrade members. For each flower there will be a different number of points, when exchanging enough flowers the member points will be raised to a higher level.

Start experiencing BTS WorldComplete the game screenGet 3 stars when completing the level

Basically how to play BTS World game is quite simple, you just need to touch the screen to observe your work as well as your office.

In addition, the game also allows you to text and call members of the card group currently in possession when a certain level is reached. This conversation is recorded live by the voice of BTS members so you will be able to talk with your real idol very interesting. However, these are preprogrammed lines, not online conversations.

The game levelRedeem cards for flowers

Above we have shown you how to play the game BTS World. Hopefully, you will quickly get acquainted and own the way the members of BTS group most easily.

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