Instructions to view the profile as another person on Facebook

Currently, Facebook has launched a lot of new features such as: Dating , Ranking comments , ... and recently this social network has also allowed users to access their personal pages as people. other.

This feature is quite interesting when people go to their personal pages but like being in the wall of others, there also appears a button to add friends and follow. In addition, it also helps us know if our posts are not publicly hidden or not. Here we invite you to follow the tutorial article on the personal page on Facebook as a different person .

1. Go to the personal page as a different person on the phone

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Step 1: Log in to your account and go to your Facebook profile.

Step 2: Click the eye icon to view the personal page as a different person.

Results after implementation.

Click to view the page as a different person Results after implementation

2. View the profile of another person on the Web

Access to Facebook

Step 1: Visit your personal page on Facebook .

Step 2: Click the three dot button at the bottom corner of the cover image .

Click on the three dots button

Step 3: Select the View page as another way .

Click on View personal page as another

The following is the result after implementation.

Results after implementation

We hope that through the instructions to view your profile as another person on Facebook, people will enjoy the feature. In addition, you can refer to some other Facebook tricks such as: Recover hidden posts , View and set time limits on Facebook , See who is best on your Facebook wall , ...

I wish you successful implementation!