It takes 500 billion years to finish playing this game!

In the world today there are countless records set in every field, including many records of the game. But certainly never and never will there be a record that can "crush" No Man's Sky - the upcoming game. Not because of the money, the difficulty or the revenue brought, but simply, this is the game that is said "no one can play it all".

Explaining the reason, No Man's Sky's representative said, "There are 18 billion billion different planets in the game, each bright dot (in the image below) represents a planet you can visit and explore. "On average, if you find and discover a planet every second, it would take 584 billion years to complete all the planets in No Man's Sky." But can you do it in a second?

No Man's Sky - Will you live 500 billion years to play this game?

Game 500 billion years

Astronaut, explore alien planets, find a new star and name it, answer the question "Are humans the only creatures in the Solar System?" ... so many The question revolves around the existence of a world with life other than Earth. A lot of research, scientific papers and even movies have been created and achieved success thanks to this "plot".

Coming soon, Studio Hello Games also launched a game like "new bottles of old wine" so, the only difference, is limited. If with other titles, players can play all, "clearing" in a period of time (5 years, 10 years ...), No Man's Sky does not allow you to do that. The game design team used special algorithms and applied, making No Man's Sky capable of expanding to the "almost endless".

Game No Man's Sky

However, it does not stop there, when participating in the game, players can "settle down" somewhere, build their own empire and trade with other planets or move from planet. planet to planet, fighting strange creatures, naming them and uploading information to the system to add to the game library.

Take a look through some of the "extreme" images of No Man's Sky:

Your vehicle is a small spaceship. Just to move, but also a weapon for you to defend or attack.

Navigate the universe to search and discover new planets.

You can choose to stay and build this planet into your own or simply get information from it and creatures to update the game's database.

Name the animals.

Or fight to stay alive.

It is known that the game will be released in the second half of June 2016. Even the game design team can know and imagine what the planets and creatures on the planet look like because the algorithm they use is a random algorithm. So waiting for the "unique" game to be released will definitely bring a lot of feeling for both players and publishers.

Wish you have moments of fun entertainment!