KMPlayer - Customizing subtitles when watching videos

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KMPlayer allows users to play videos on several different formats, see Video with subtitle, ... Special offer custom functions subtitles when watching videos.

Tutorials custom subtitles when watching videos with KMPlayer

Step 1 : Download the latest version of KMPlayer here: download KMP
Step 2 : Once installed on the computer, open Kmplayer and videos contain subtitles. Click icons pinion to enter the setting

KMPlayer - Customizing subtitles when watching videos

Step 3 : Click the symbol A

Step 4 : In the next window click on the More ...

Step 5 : In the window Explore / Edit Subtitle , you can customize the font, font size, font color, ... for the subtitles displayed on the video when viewing

So you just join us perform custom actions when viewing video subtitles on Kmplayer, with this approach you can change the subtitle display video. Besides, you can increase the size of the subtitles video in KMP also reduced its discretion

In addition to watching video effect you can use VLC or GOM each utility has its own characteristics.