League of Legends: Instructions to play Arena of Truth

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League of Legends MOBA game has just launched the Arena arena game mode and is receiving great attention from the community of gamers who love this MOBA game. Inspired by the game of dignity - Dota Auto Chess game developer Riot Games has brought the Truth Arena into the Client game as a new game mode similar to Auto Chess instead of a custom game in Dota 2 .

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Currently, the Arena mode is very hot and brings League of Legends back to its No. 1 PC game. Although there is not much change in the way of playing the Truth Arena compared to Auto Chess, gamers will surely be surprised when they enter this arena. Below will be details of all information related to how to play, champions, rounds, etc. related to the Truth Arena that League of Legends gamers should be concerned about.

How to play and the latest game mode principles of League of Legends

League Of Legends - Arena Of Truth
League Of Legends - Arena Of Truth

Arena of Truth will be a new game mode for League of Legends, where you will face 7 opponents in a fight to win the highest throne. Build a squad, consolidate forces, and watch the matches take place.

The summoned beast will be your representative character in the Arena of Truth. You can get new Summoned Beasts while playing or buying it in the Alliance Shop. Summoned Beasts can also be controlled to move around the arena like League of Legends heroes and they can also use expressions.

How to control champions in the Arena of Truth

Basic Controls

  • Left mouse button will do most of the action in the match.
  • You can drag and drop champions to position them on the arena, or move them between the arena and the standby queue.
  • Click and drag equipment to bring it into the desired hero.
  • Left Click on your favorite generals to buy them from the store.
  • Click and drag them to the store to sell.
  • Click on the small map or opponent's name on the transcript to visit their home ..
  • Right mouse to move your summoned beast on the arena.
  • You can also right-click on champions to see more information about them.

Advanced Controls

  • W - Click while the mouse pointer is over a champion to immediately bring that champion to the ring (if the champion is on the bench) or withdraw that champion to the bench (if the champion is on field).
  • E - Click while the mouse pointer is over a champion to sell that champion.
    1 and 2 - Click to glide around your opponent's ring. "1" will go to the next stage, "2" will return to the previous stage.
  • Space - Bring the camera to your summoned beast, wherever it is. Usually it will stay in your ring.

List of generals of the Arena of Truth

List of generals in the Arena of Truth
List of generals in the Arena of Truth

Currently, the Arena of Truth game mode has about 50 generals, these generals act as soldiers and also have unique skills to kill close to the opponent, these generals will also have System and Different Tribe. When we combine these generals will create separate effects, also known as Synergies.

The way the minister moves on the board is different. Combining will give higher power to champions at the beginning of the match. This combination will be the decisive factor in winning each game.

Main features on the Arena of Truth

Main features on the Arena of Truth
Main features on the Arena of Truth

Legend animals

Your summoned beast will always be present in your arena.

Fighting Place

Where the battle took place. Arrange your generals in the boxes on your side. Your opponent will appear at the top of the screen.


The newly acquired champions will wait here, until you bring them to the ring.


You will receive a random, possibly overlapping champion pool from a pool of champions for all players. The overlapping champions can be combined to create a stronger version of that champion.

  • Store lock / unlock: Stores can be locked so they do not automatically refresh on each round. This button is useful if you want to buy someone and currently don't have enough gold.
  • Refresh: Spend some gold to refresh the generals in the store. This will happen automatically in each round, and it's free, but sometimes you'll need more than that.
  • Buy XP: Buy gold to buy experience points. The higher the level, the more powerful and more powerful generals (more expensive) will appear.

Race Traces & Contacts

Use to track the clan and system arrangement of the generals you currently have on the ring.

Warehouse Equipment

Equipment will be collected here, until you decide to put it into a champion (drag and drop to equip). When selling a champion holding equipment, the equipment will return to this place.

Gold Generator

Gold generators will appear based on the amount of gold you own. Each machine will give you an additional gold of profit at the beginning of the next round.


This table will show the health of all players in the match. You can click on the icon to visit their arena.

Stage Tracking

Record the number of rounds you have won or lost in the current period, and how many more rounds there are.

Time Tracking

Tells you at what stage of the battle you are in, and how many seconds are left until it's over.

Opposition Faction

When playing against another player, you will also see their reserve queue, equipment inventory, and gold generator. And of course, both summoned beasts of the two will also be "exchanging" with each other.

Player parameters in the Arena Arena mode

Truth Arena game mode on League of Legends
Truth Arena game mode on League of Legends


In each match you will have 100 health, after the game if you lose we will be deducted the amount equal to the number of champions of the opponent still in the arena and the strength of those generals. When the health reaches 0, you are disqualified and others can recruit your champion.


Gold is the main resource that allows you to buy a lot of things in the Arena of Truth such as buying champions, refreshing shops, buying experience to level up.

How to earn gold in the Arena of Truth:

  • Automatically receive an additional amount at the beginning of each round.
  • Profits earned after each round, based on the number of gold generators you currently own.
  • Bonuses are earned at the beginning of each round, based on your winning streak or losing streak.
  • As soon as the opponent is defeated, the player is on the ring.
  • Sell ​​generals but will be discounted compared to the original value.


At the beginning of the game, the players will be level 1 and gradually raised in the game, up to a level of 9. The number of champions that can go to the ring is equal to your current level. The higher you go, the more you will have the opportunity to choose stronger heroes.

Each round, players will get a sufficient amount of experience points to level up at the beginning of the match. But later we need to have gold to upgrade and add more generals to the squad.

The rounds in the Arena of Truth

The rounds in the Arena of Truth
The rounds in the Arena of Truth

Fighting Round - Double Arms (PvP)

The battles in the Arena of Truth are random confrontations. After the preparation time ended, the battle time began. At this time, the summoned beast will move with the same squad to the opponent's arena or vice versa. The battle time will end when all matches have assigned results or when the countdown has ended. If the battle still takes place when the battle time has expired, both players will be subjected to damage based on the number of surviving champions of the opposing team.

Fighting Round - Monster Fault (PvE)

In the round of fighting will be the battle of players and monsters. The first three rounds and the last round after each stage will fight monsters. When defeating monsters you can pick up dropped equipment.

Above is the basic information and guide to play the Arena of Truth mode in League of Legends. Hope this article will help you confidently step into the new game mode of League of Legends with the most confidence.

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