Limiting call time on iPhone

Limiting call time on iPhone

If as with Android, one call can use the software to limit the time called it the iPhone, Apple also released the same software. Please allow consolidation of information and applications are also known collectively as a limited-time calls on the iPhone .

1, demand unlimited calls on iPhone

- For some time, iPhone users need to register or promotional 1 package was allowed to make a call in one long period of time, but if so, they will be difficult to control the time they were make a call soon.

Limiting call time on iPhone

How do I know how much he has long called on iPhone

- At the time, the need to use one software to limit calls, when there it will automatically shutdown without question, on Android This app provides users with a very long, whereas Apple to delay more.

- IPhone itself has no time limit function call, which is one of the weaknesses of this smartphone has not improved, and so we need to have something to make up for that section, the application Call Timer born.

2, The application helps limit call time on iPhone.

- The best example that I would like to share the application is quite user repository that is Call Timer on the Apple App Store.

- Call Timer lets you may limit any of your calls in one certain time period, and this time is not fixed, which means you can completely change initiative in the limited time term.

1 Typical features of Call Timer:

- Use an alarm to notify you know the time has expired, the application supports a variety of bells and bell pretty well to jog.

- Automatic Callback feature is useful if you use the free call packages as referred to under 10 minutes pack does not charge, ...

- How to turn on auto redial feature: In the settings of Call Timer, standing ON the feature "Ask to Redial".

Limiting call time on iPhone

The callback function on CallTimer

- Keep track of call minutes used per month.

- Data storage time, the duration of each call you made.

- Add the black list, if you add one subscriber in here, these calls will not be charged to the traffic (not as common blacklist, here also called exclusion list).

- Note for using the Call Timer: sound must be turned on and the application must be installed before use.

- Usage: Install applications from Apple's App Store, visit the App Store, search for "Search" with a magnifying glass, Call Timer type in that name, select applications worth USD 0.99.

- This is the downside of the application, because it charged up the user base is not frozen.

- Finding then click "Get" -> "Install" to install on your computer (remember to open the Internet).


- When you open up the application, you will see the bottom of it like a voice call interface of iPhone 5 parts also include Favorites, Contacts, dial, Use and Install.

- The first card was Favourites (favorite), there is nothing to discuss further, you also may not care.

- Next to the section Contacts (phonebook): contacts on your iPhone.

- The keypad (numpad): The interface dial as usual.

Limiting call time on iPhone

Dialpad on CallTimer

- Next Next was Usage (Use): allows displaying traffic use your call within 1 month.

Limiting call time on iPhone

Usage in CallTimer function allows you to call traffic measurement

- Lastly, the Settings (Settings) in here you can customize for your application Call Timer 1 easily.

- The most important of which is the "Time" allows alignment time calls you will make.

- Underneath would be to turn on audio alerts by ringing the bell or not and kind.

Coming here is the entire application Call Timer, confident you'll need one such application to help yourself save money if you are one who frequently call friends, family, try and see it helpful not offline.

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