Play Halloween games directly on Google

For Halloween 2018, Google lets players play online with other players at random or create rooms, inviting friends to join.

Catch The Ghost Halloween

Join the game, will be divided into 2 teams, purple ghost team and green ghost team. 2 teams will compete to go around the map, collecting the fire of the soul to bring to the base, on the way back to the base to avoid touching the opponent resulting in the loss of the fire. The team that collects more flames on the base wins.

Play Halloween 2018 game directly on Google

Step 1: First, go to Google homepage, click on the Google Doodles for Halloween season, the 2018 Halloween game will begin.

Doodle Halloween 2018

Step 2: Players can skip the instructions to enter the game. Or you can press the button "Organize competition" to invite friends and acquaintances to play.

Play Halloween Game 2018

You can also watch all the instructions to know how to play the game. If you skip the instructions, you will be able to participate in the first game directly.

Guide to play Halloween games 2018

When entering the game, will be divided into 2 teams, purple ghost team and green ghost team. 2 teams will compete around the map and collect soul flames to bring back to the base.

Halloween 2018 gaming team

Players will press the arrow keys or hover to move their ghost character according to the instructions.

Play Halloween Game 2018

At the end of the game, the score will be listed between the two teams.

Won the Halloween 2018 game

And if you click on Organize competition , there will appear a confirmation interface asking if you want to Create a private match and invite friends? then press Yes to confirm.

Create a Halloween game room 2018

Players will need to send a referral link to a friend. When your friends are full, press "Start game" and join the journey to collect the flames of soul.

Start playing Halloween game 2018

Play Halloween 2017 game directly on Google

Step 1: From the interface of any web browser, you enter the keyword " Google " to enter the main interface. We can see the gaming window right away (picture below). Click on the Play icon to start playing.

Google homepage

Step 2: Click on the Next icon to continue and skip the game introduction.

Click Next

Step 3: Start playing the game, the player plays the Cat, attacking and destroying all the ghosts appearing on the screen.

Guide play
Draw lines corresponding to the image on top of each ghost to destroy them

The task of the player is very simple, just draw the corresponding images shown on the top of each ghost to destroy them. Each bar represents their "blood".

How to play the game?

Initially, the number of ghosts and their lines are not much, quite simple to draw.

Start playing games

But the more you play, the number of ghosts and the difficulty level of the drawings will also increase, requiring the player to have the sharpness of the eyes and the skillful, agile combination of the hands.

Play ghost games
The number of ghosts, the number of lines and the difficulty of the strokes will increase

Step 4: However, because it is an entertaining game, players do not need to be too stressed because there is always help to appear. Those are ghosts with a lightning symbol on their heads.

When they appear, just draw the lightning icon, all the ghosts on the screen will be instantly destroyed.

Horror game on Google

Even if it's a ghost with lots of drawings, difficult drawings, just one "hit" is resolved.

Draw a "lightning" pattern to use "skill"

Step 5: In addition, if unfortunately our cat Cat is touched by ghosts, it will lose a blood cell and need to wait for the White Cat to appear to be able to recover that lost blood.

Blood transfusion

White cats have a heart symbol , just draw it on the screen, you will help your character recover the "blood" lost.

Draw a heart shape
Draw a heart to restore blood

That's all, that's all there is to know about this exciting game. In addition, you should also note a few tips to get the highest score:

  • The figures are drawn using only one stroke.
  • Retouching will not be counted.
  • Although there are many ghosts, but if they have the same stroke, they only need to draw once to destroy all.
  • The ghosts have many different strokes, you must destroy them by drawing them one by one from left to right.
  • Make full use of lightning-shaped ghosts to quickly defeat all existing ghosts at once.
  • A white cat with a heart shape can help you heal.

Wish you have moments of fun entertainment!