Play Pokemon GO to note what?

The first step is always important, because it will sometimes determine the success or failure of a match. With Pokemon GO too, there are notes when playing Pokémon GO that we should not, can not be ignored right from the start. Knowing these notes, you can guide how to play, avoid unnecessary mistakes from there, become a great Pokemon trainer.

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In the meantime, when Pokemon Go officially launches in Vietnam, we can choose between playing Pokemon Go alternatives or finding and accumulating more knowledge about this game to be ready for any when.

Which Pokemon should I choose first?

For those who have never seen, played or known any information about this game, then at the first step is to choose one of the first three free Pokemon, they will also have difficulty. Most of them are haphazard or choose according to personal preferences, not for any direct cause, this is the first serious mistake.

The three Pokemon that Pokémon GO "gifted" to players when they first started are:

  • Charmander: Belonging to Fire, can fly after evolution.
  • Squirtle: Water, has the Ice attribute when evolved.
  • Bulbasaur: Grass system (Grass) and soil (Ground) after evolution.


Each Pokemon system will have different characteristics, attack power and attack will not be the same when facing Pokemon other systems. To choose a Pokemon like that, note:

  • Pokemon stats (current and after evolution).
  • Which Pokemon can have the best attack power on many other Pokemon or vice versa, is affected by the least other Pokemon (see the article Compatibility of systems in Pokemon GO ) .
  • Which Pokemon is most easily evolved.

You can see it in " Pokemon Go terms " to make it easier to understand.

Why play Pokemon GO have to move?

Unlike any product currently on the market, Pokemon GO is the first virtual interactive game in the world. It uses a personal map and navigation system on the device to create a real-world playing environment. And if you've ever seen a few episodes of Pokemon animation, you'll see that the main character always has to move to be able to search and win other Pokemon.

The same goes for Pokemon Go, you can't play when you're just ... standing still. Because Pokemon will be scattered everywhere, every place and time, it will be difficult to catch them if you do not go.

How to increase power for Pokemon?

Empowering Pokemon is like upgrading and enhancing weapons in other games, only because Pokemon are living creatures, so in Pokemon GO, this process is called "Evolution". Can evolution take place and when? depends mainly on whether the player has "ability" or not?

Reference article:

The "ability" here is the number of Stardust and Candy. Stardust cannot help Pokemon evolve, but boosts stats higher, while Candy - the only item that allows a Pokemon to evolve. Each Pokemon will require a certain amount of Candy to be able to evolve, be prepared enough to be able to "upgrade" your Pokemon.

Pokémon Go gaming support items

In Pokemon GO game there are two types of items, that is in-game items (items sold in the shop) and outside the game - items that support gaming.

The way to catch Pokemon today that most players use, it is "soi" through smartphones. However, due to not always being able to do that, the developers created a tool called Pokémon GO Plus. Shaped like a bracelet, Pokemon GO Plus helps users detect Pokemon even when not using the phone.

According to the reference information, in addition to finding and helping players catch Pokemon, this tool also has many other handy features.


What is pokeball? How to use it?

Pokeball is a round ball with two red - white used to win Pokemon. The number of Pokeballs is limited, so when catching a Pokemom, throw it exactly. If you miss, that Pokeball will be considered lost and when all, it is mandatory to buy more in the Shop.

The Pokeball is also divided into many categories, many different levels. The higher the level, the higher the ability to successfully capture powerful Pokemon.

What are the green points on the screen?

On the screen of Pokemon Go will appear some icons, that is the Gym and Pokestop. These are places where players can train their Pokemon or come to receive useful rewards. A special feature of Pokemon Go, that Pokestop is often the famous landmarks, areas or icons of that place, so it is not difficult to find.

Why all catch Pokemon "mice"?

As mentioned, this is a virtual reality-interactive game, the gaming environment is also the Real World, so Nintendo also tries to make its product as real as possible. Therefore, the "mouse" Rattata is also Pokemon found most anywhere.

In addition, there are Pidgey and some Bug-type Pokemon (bugs) are also quite popular. However, do not consider it as an inhibition, because if there are too many Pokemon, you can completely Transfer it to Candy, used to evolve Pokemon.

In addition to playing basic Pokemon Go , the above are also some issues that new players also need to know to avoid missing good opportunities and quickly becoming a great coach.

Wish you have moments of fun entertainment!