Read PDF - choose Foxit Reader or Adobe Reader?

Before Foxit Reader, Adobe Reader was the only name people mentioned and used when they wanted to read PDF documents. However, with improvements and superior changes compared to other competitors that Foxit has gradually advanced and up to this point, it has officially entered the top of the best pdf reader software.

If only speaking without evidence, it's hard to decide which is the best software, so, in the article below, will give a few comparisons for you to track:

Is Foxit Reader better or is Adobe Reader better?

There are many different tools that can be used in this: eXPert PDF Reader, PDF Reader, Skim, PDF Download, PDF-XChange Viewer or Cool PDF Reader. However, to be appreciated and used commonly, only Foxit Reader and Adobe Reader.

Similarities of Foxit Reader and Adobe Reader

  • Free
  • The interface is quite simple, easy to use
  • Read only but cannot edit the PDF file
  • Good support on Windows and MAC operating systems
  • Quick and simple installation
  • Highly customizable

Differences between Foxit Reader and Adobe Reader

  Foxit Reader Adobe Reader
Capacity Small Big
Speed Fast Slow
Configuration required Short High
main feature Little A lot of
Extra feature Little A lot of
Ability to process files Good Good
Other Portable version There is no Portable


  • Size: Capacity of the installer.
  • Speed: The processing time for files of the same size.
  • Configuration required: Minimum configuration of the computer using the settings.
  • Key features: File reading and viewing modes.
  • Extra features: Notes, underlines, management, sharing ...
  • Other: The mobile version.

The above article is for reference only, the above results are also the comparisons and assessments that has gathered from many different sources. Individuals also do not comment or decide which software is the best, but it is important depending on the purpose and requirements of the work, we will choose the most appropriate tool.

Software is best when it perfectly meets the needs of the user and the needs are never the same.